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Easter Eggs

1683 Chocolate Place: The Ultimate Chocolate Shop

What and where is 1683 Chocolate Place?

1683 Chocolate Place is located in Knowle, Solihull. After having opened 4th September 2015, the shop has grown and prospered within the last five and a half years. The chocolatier has a wide array of delicious chocolates on offer, that are available all year round. 

The owner and founder of 1683 Chocolate Place is Joe Vaughan. He opened the shop after having studied all things chocolate with Callebaut at the Chocolate Academy in Banbury. 

I started making chocolate around the age of 14 years old. I have always loved cooking right from an early age and fell more in love with the dessert side of cooking and chocolate is a big part of that. Chocolate was a great path to take as who doesn’t love chocolate? After training at the chocolate academy for just a few days to really learn the basics I set out on my course to make the best quality chocolates that I could and after revamping the range this year I have taken a big step closer to achieving this goal.”

The company has the mission of creating the highest quality chocolates, therefore, they do not use any preservatives or additives in order to produce the best quality taste. The shop also caters for dietary requirements, including a nut free and a vegan range.

1683 Chocolate Place: Easter Collection

Easter is around the corner and many of us will be exchanging chocolate goodies on Sunday 4th April. 1683 Chocolate Place is perfect for all your Easter gifts this year. Furthermore, they have created a special Easter range filled with bunnies, eggs and ducks, all coming in a variety of sizes and at affordable prices.

Easter Eggs

You can purchase a range of your original style Easter eggs from as little as £6, these come in an array of exciting shapes and colours. All made from exquisite real Belgium chocolate. Two designs to really point out are the Charly and Charlotte Easter Eggs. These gorgeous eggs are made from 100% Belgian White Chocolate with an alternative bunny design. Inside the eggs you will find a selection of handcrafted and decadent chocolates that come in the following flavours – Vanilla, Milk Ganache, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Lemon Meringue and Biscoff. The egg comes in an elegant black and gold box that really showcases the luxury behind the brand. Retailing at £14 each, be sure to grab these whilst stocks last.

Charly Chocolate Egg - 1683 Chocolate Place
Charlotte Chocolate Egg - 1683 Chocolate Place

Easter Bunnies

If you are not looking to buy an Easter egg this year, why not try one of the lovely Easter bunnies? This Milk Chocolate Floppy Eared Bunny is a huge hit with everyone, children and adults alike! It’s cute looking and tastes delectable all at the same time. Retailing at £15, this really is the perfect treat for any chocolate lover.

Easter Bunny - 1683 Chocolate Place
Available Now!

So treat your friends and family today or even yourself, you will find something to suit everyone’s taste. All of the items can be delivered directly to your recipient’s door, which is perfect in these Covid times. The delivery options are as follows: First Class Post at £4.50 and Second Class Post at £3.95. Make sure you check back for other occasions as this chocolate can be enjoyed all year round!

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