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5 Ways To Organise Your Plants

Are you a plant lover with a growing collection but struggling to find the best way to showcase them? Whether you are short on space or just want to add some greenery to your home, organising your plants effectively can make all the difference. From utilising vertical wall space to creating beautiful hanging displays, here are five creative ways to organise your plants.

1. Wall Planters

When floor space is limited, look up! Wall planters are a fantastic way to bring greenery into your home without sacrificing valuable floor or surface space. These wall planters come in various shapes, sizes and materials, allowing you to customise your display to your aesthetic. 

You can install wall mounted planters pretty much anywhere in your home. Consider adding some in your living room, kitchen or bathroom. Mix up the plants being displayed. For instance, herbs, succulents or trailing vines thrive in wall planters.

Wall planters can also be used in your outdoor space. Either by installing wall mounted planters to a brick wall in the garden or creating a standalone display. You can create a stunning vertical garden by arranging multiple wall planters in a grid pattern or mix and match different sizes for visual interest. 

2. Trough Planter

For those with a larger plant collection or bigger indoor plants, a trough planter is the perfect solution. These long, narrow containers provide ample space for multiple plants or larger specimens, allowing you to create a striking focal point in any room.

Place a trough planter along a windowsill, on a console table, or even as a room divider to make a bold statement. Some great plants to fill a trough planter can be ferns, peace lilies or snake plants. You can use them indoors or outdoors, and they can be easily moved to accommodate changing layouts or seasons.

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3. Hanging Plant Pots

Take your plant display to new heights with hanging plant pots. Whether suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall, hanging planters add a fantastic dimension to any space. They also help to keep your plants out of the way of pets and children.

Hang individual plant pots at varying heights to create a dynamic and eye catching display. Mix and match different pot sizes and styles for an eclectic look or keep it cohesive with a set of matching planters. Spider plants, pothos and trailing ivy are excellent choices for hanging plant pots, as their cascading leaves add a wholesome feel to any room.

4. Tiered Plant Stands

Tiered plant stands are a stylish and space saving way to display your plants. They also help to create dimension within your space. These multi level stands come in a variety of designs. Whether you prefer sleek and modern to rustic and vintage inspired, a tiered plant stand can look lovely in any space.  

Place a tiered plant stand in a corner of your living room or on a sunny balcony to create a mini plant oasis. Arrange your plants on each tier, with taller plants at the back and smaller ones towards the front. This ensures each plant gets adequate sunlight. You may also want to group plants with similar colours or textures together.

5. Terrarium Gardens

Terrariums are miniature indoor gardens housed within glass containers. This makes them an ideal option for small spaces or those who prefer low maintenance plants. These self contained ecosystems require minimal care and can thrive in almost any environment. Therefore, this makes them perfect for beginners or busy plant parents.

You can create your own terrarium garden using a glass container. Something like a fishbowl or mason jar will work well. Next, fill it with layers of gravel, activated charcoal, potting soil and your chosen plants. Succulents, air plants and moss are popular choices for terrariums. This is due to their ability to thrive in humid environments with minimal watering.

How To Organise My Plants

Organising your plants does not have to be a daunting task. By utilising wall space with wall planters and embracing larger displays with trough planters, you can create a stunning indoor or outdoor display. Do not forget to experiment with terrarium gardens and even have a go at making your own. They are a unique and low maintenance option that still brings the beauty of plants in the home. With these five creative ideas, you will be well on your way to creating the plant filled paradise of your dreams.

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