Who Are CARAT* London?

Founded 20 years ago, CARAT* London was created as a luxury fine jewellery brand with sustainability at the forefront. Furthermore, the company prides itself on using the finest alternatives to mined gemstones to create beautiful jewellery pieces. CARAT* has grown from strength to strength. For instance, the brand is now being stocked from over 100 points of sale internationally in huge retailers such as Selfridges. The fine jewellery has also established a celebrity presence with stars such as Ellie Goulding, Pixie Lott and Lady Gaga donning the fine accessories.

Francine Tennis Bracelet

Within the range, CARAT* London has a vast amount of rings, necklaces and bracelets to choose from. Varying styles, sizes and price points means there is something for everyone. For example, I chose the Francine Round Prong Tennis Bracelet to add to my jewellery collection. Firstly, the bracelet is absolutely stunning and a fabulous piece to add to any ladies wardrobe. The design is simple and elegant with a clean line of Round Brilliant stones. Moreover, this bracelet can be worn in the day or at night as part of a signature look. Pair with some silver studded earrings, a black fitted blazer and light coloured handbag to create the perfect look.

CARAT* London First Impressions?

When I opened the bracelet for the first time. I noticed that the presentation box that the jewellery comes in is very luxurious and screams high end. Furthermore, the white grained material is high quality, with the logo embossed in silver on the top. The box is very sturdy and creates a great first impression. Inside, the bracelet is laid out and presented perfectly. You can tell it has been packed and delivered with care and attention.

CARAT* London Box
CARAT* London

CARAT* London Review

The bracelet itself is high quality, the gemstones glimmer in the light and it all sits perfectly on the wrist.  To clarify, I personally have small wrists and struggle to get bracelets to fit me, this one is just right as I chose the smaller size. You can choose 16cm or 18cm in length. The bracelet is made of sterling silver with an exquisite white gold finish and a total of 3.05ct eq.  To conclude, the Francine Bracelet from CARAT* London is beautiful and I would thoroughly recommend.

CARAT* London Bracelet
CARAT* London Bracelet Review
Gift Ideas From CARAT* London

The bracelet would make an incredible gifting experience if you were to purchase it for a loved one. I know that if I received this as a gift I would be very impressed.  For example, the bracelet would make an amazing gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day this year. CARAT* London is also perfect if you want to treat yourself to some fine jewellery!

What Are Gentle Diamonds?

CARAT* also has a unique selling point that they use gentle diamonds. Gentle diamonds are lab grown and are a more sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. These diamonds have the same look as real diamonds but for a fraction of the price and have a higher level of social responsibility. The physical, atomic and elemental properties are the same, minus the negative social conflict and bad environmental impacts. 

*This is a collaborative blog post and the item was gifted.