Are You Looking For Some Inspiration For Those Christmas Gifts For Her?

Spoil her this year with the best Christmas gifts for her! As a result of Covid, last Christmas none of us got to have a fun-filled festive season with our nearest and dearest due to all of the pandemic restrictions. So this year, let’s take the stress out of Christmas and go bigger and better than ever! However, if you are wondering what to buy this year for your loved ones and need some gifting inspiration, then the below gift ideas are here to help you.


If you know someone who loves to craft and be creative or maybe needs a helping hand in doing so, Craftiosity is a fabulous gift for them. Furthermore, this business offers a monthly subscription, where a craft box is delivered to your door every month. In addition, inside the box is everything that you will need to create a different project. For example, past boxes have included Macrame, Clay, Embroidery and Candle Making. The box is beautifully presented and will entertain for hours! RRP £24.95 a month.


Fifth Origins

If you are looking for a sustainable and fashionable gift for someone this year, then Fifth Origins have a range of clothing items that suit that criteria. Moreover, they have a range of infinity capes that match any outfit and style. For instance, the Black Sand Cape Infinity is inspired by black sand beaches and is made from 100% Himalayan premium wool. In addition, this multifunctional poncho cape is designed in Amsterdam and then handmade by Indian artisans. RRP £128.
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Black Cape

Self Care Survival Kit

In a busy world where self care is more important than ever. Certified Success Coach, Rachel Letham has launched these incredible self care packages. Whether you are looking to help your family and friends with their self care or want to treat yourself to some self love, the survival kits will help you achieve this. The ‘Calm Escape’ package is a prime example of how to grab a moment of calm. It includes items such as bath salts, a bath bomb and an energy shift mood spray. All the items within the package will equal a sense of calm and help to balance out a busy day. RRP £50.


Engravers Guild

A personalised gift would make a great present this year and one from Engravers Guild is the perfect choice. Their personalised necklace range is full of beautiful pieces for any loved one in your life. The Diamond Set Constellation Necklace is a prime example of one of the necklaces that can be engraved on the reverse with a personalised and meaningful message. The front illustrates one of the 12 zodiac constellations along with two diamonds to represent the dominant stars. RRP £59.95.


A locket makes a beautiful gift, especially at Christmas time. LOVELOX has a selection of gold lockets that can be engraved with a message and have photos inserted inside. This scroll heart pendant has been created from solid 925 sterling silver and then plated with 18ct gold. The wonderful scroll embellishment on the front has been crafted by hand. All lockets come with a luxury gift box. RRP £79.95.


The home and body cosmetics brand has a wide range of gift sets this year for Christmas. The Ritual of Ayurveda: Rebalancing Collection is a fantastic gift for those who need to unwind and find inner harmony. For example, the set contains a diffuser, shower gel, body cream and hair & body mist. Most importantly, the luxurious set is filled with happiness and good fortune which is sealed by the Chinese coin of fú. Furthermore, the box is reusable and doubles up as a storage box. RRP £44.90.

Rituals Set
Revive Collagen

As we naturally age our collagen levels deplete. This results in skin losing its elasticity and therefore wrinkles start to appear. However, Revive Collagen has the answer! Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus is a hydrolysed marine collagen drink that is perfect if you or your loved one need a collagen boost. Each pack contains 14 sachets in a tasty tropical flavour that includes vitamins B6, B12, C & D, Retinol and Hydrolysed Keratin. RRP £39.99.

Revive Collagen

Aligne creates beautiful sustainable clothing that is made to last and become part of your capsule wardrobes. The designs are classy and fashionable, all whilst being from planet-friendly foundations. The clothes from Aligne will make a brilliant gift for any woman this Christmas, with many collections and pieces to fit every style. They currently have a Forever Friday category that has up to 40% off! They do not believe in fast fashion and fast promotions, so take your time in selecting the perfect gift for this Christmas.

Green Coat
Treat Them Green

If you are wanting to shop green this year, Treat Them Green is a fabulous company that strives to achieve sustainability whilst gifting. For example, you can build your own gift box to give to a loved one which will be filled with ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products. Above all, the gifts are centered around well-being and happiness and are sure to bring smiles to faces this festive season. Items that can be added include Tisserand essential oils, Tom Lane socks and Love Cocoa chocolate. Items to add start from £1 up to £42.

The Best Christmas gifts For Her - ttg

The anti-ageing supplements and luxury skincare company have the perfect gift for those who like to look after themselves and want to give themselves a boost. Firstly, the Morning & Night Female Supplement pack is full of vitamins to help support immune systems, hair and nails as well as combatting the effects of stress. Furthermore, the supplements also come in two small glass jars and can be refilled with 100% compostable pouches. Secondly, pair these supplements with the Lumity Body Oil and Facial Oil and your recipient will be glowing from head to toe! RRP £225/£75/£60.

Lumity Female
Body Oil
Facial Oil
Fusspot Tea

Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is the new part of your beauty routine. Most importantly, the organic teas are all infused with hydrolyzed collagen peptides and antioxidants. Therefore, there are tonnes of benefits to your skin, hair, nails and joints. For example, the Twirlie Girlie Tea is pink, sweet and floral tasting. Flavours are formulated from Elderflower, Hibiscus, Rose petals and Rosehip shells. In addition, this blend of collagen tea will help to smooth and hydrate skin and strengthen nails and hair. The Cloud Nine Blend is a perfect night time, herbal drink containing amazing sleep benefits. The flavour is bursting with Lavender, Chamomile, Lemonbalm & florals. Glow Junkie is naturally caffeinated and contains Green Sencha tea, olive leaf, hemp seed and spearmint. Adding to this, this tea is here to cleanse your system and give you that well needed boost! RRP £17.

Twirlie Girlie
Cloud Nine
Glow Junkie

Ocean and Bee

If you are looking for a gift that is eco-friendly, affordable and supports independent makers, Ocean and Bee have amazing subscription boxes that make the greatest gifts. For instance, there are two sizes to choose from to suit everyone’s budgets, a letterbox size or the deluxe version. Moreover, the boxes are sent to your door every month and will include a selection of eco goodies such as homeware, skincare and other luxuries to enjoy. Examples of past items that have been within the boxes include body butter, candles and lip balm. In addition, all products are vegan and the box will never contain single use plastics. Starting RRP £18.

The Best Christmas gifts For Her - Ocean and Bee
The Best Christmas gifts For Her
Lusso Tan

If someone in your life is a fake tan lover, then Lusso Tan will make a great gift for them this Christmas. For example, this Ultimate Face Kit will make a fabulous present. The set features five items including a moisturising mist, a golden glow, a brush, a cleansing pad and a headband. The mist will instantly plump and hydrate your skin. As a result you will be ready for your golden glow tan, leaving you flawless for the festive season. RRP £32.50.

Bella Forever

Renowned for their incredible booty mask, Bella Forever currently has loads of different beauty products that make fabulous gifts. The Peach Bellini booty mask helps to remove dead skin, sebum and oils as well as removing stretch marks, fine lines and hydrate skin. In addition, they also stock a range of face masks such as the Black Velvet. Firstly, this charcoal face mask is amazing for banishing blackheads and also at helping with acne-prone skin by drawing out impurities and cleansing pores. RRP £24/ £14.99.

Peach Bellini Booty Mask

Hopefully you would have found the perfect gifts and Christmas inspiration for your loved ones in your life. For more Christmas ideas, check out How To Get Your Home Ready For Christmas for lots of Christmas décor and home renovation inspo. For all the latest food gifts, head over to Best Food and Drink Gifts This Christmas.