Looking To Create A Cosy Night In?

We all need that much deserved ‘me time’ or a chance to unwind, destress and relax with family and friends. All too often we forget to pause, breathe and recharge. Within the comfort of our own homes, we can do this by using a few simple steps and items. So whether you have got a cosy night with yourself or a partner in mind, by following the below simple steps you are in for a relaxing evening.

A Cosy Night In Front Of The TV

Many of us spend a lot of time in front of screens, laptops and tv’s. But do we ever take the time to turn this into a cosy night and spoil ourselves? Break out of the monotonous routine of slobbing out in front of the telly and turn it into a luxurious and tranquil environment to relax and recharge. 

We all need to eat but there is something special about a takeaway on a Saturday night or some delicious snacks that leave you wanting more. Take an evening to yourself or with a partner and have some pizza with your favourite film or Netflix series. However, this is just the first step in making a lovely and cosy supercharged evening. Let’s add some comforting atmosphere to go with your comfort food. 

Lighting a candle or five is a great way to set a calming tone to any room.  Furthermore, the dim lighting and flickering of the candle creates a sense of warmth and soothes the soul. Add some wax melts to the equation to create some smooth undertones of your favourite scent. Make sure that you also grab your best cosy blanket and comfy pillows to allow your body to rest.

A Candlelit Dinner For Two

If you are wanting to get completely away from the screens, then try out some home cooking and a romantic meal at the dinner table. Cooking is a very therapeutic activity and home cooked meals are beneficial for our health and wellbeing. You can find simple and quick recipes online or in your favourite cookbook. Once you have decided on your dish of choice, you can spend some time creating a wonderful dinner for two.

Before you sit down to eat, take some time to set the table. Dressing a table up can create a cosy and inviting environment. Lay a table cloth, add a floral centrepiece and light some candles to set the scene. This will make the dinner and evening feel extra special, romantic and relaxing. Now play your favourite background dinner playlist, enjoy your beautiful cooking and lose yourself in conversation with your loved ones.

By Candlelight lighter - Cosy Night
By Candlelight lighter - Cosy Night

Relaxing Bath Time

A great way to unwind is by taking a long hot bath but this is not going to be any bath. This is going to be a luxurious and soothing bath filled with floral scents, a glowing atmosphere and bubbles upon bubbles. Lose yourself in the warmth of the bath water and breath deeply as you wash away the stresses of the day. 

Make your bath extra extravagant by adding your best bubble bath, deluxe bath salts and colourful bath bomb. Additionally, make sure you light numerous scented candles to really encapsulate your ‘me time’. Then sit back and relax as the warm water flows over your body and your senses are tantalised by the sweet and floral scents around you.

In the background you may want to play some calming music, read your best novel or an interesting podcast. Forget the latest problem or stress that your life may have thrust upon you and close your eyes. Let your mind go free and pamper yourself.

Easy Mindfulness For One

If you are looking for a simple way to bring some mindfulness into your life, it can be as quick and easy as taking an hour to yourself. An hour to not stress, worry or doubt. The main components to mindfulness are finding and creating a relaxing environment. Loving yourself and finding an activity will take your mind away from the world. 

Firstly, take yourself to a quiet and comfortable room, this could be your sofa or maybe even on your bed. Get comfortable, warm and cosy with your favourite woolly jumper, fresh bed sheets or thick blanket. Meanwhile, make yourself a warm drink of tea, hot chocolate or perhaps a herbal variety. Next, choose an easy activity that you can get lost in. For example, this could be reading a book, listening to a podcast, enjoying some colouring or maybe completing a simple puzzle. Light a candle and enjoy…

By Candlelight has a lovely selection of metallic coloured lighters that you can use to create these ultimate cosy night in moments. The lighters have six magical metallic tones to choose from, they comfortably fit in your hand when being used and have been created to the highest of safety standards. Consequently, they are perfect for lighting any candle, whether that is the pillar candle in your lantern, the tealights under your max melts or your favourite scented woodwick. The lighters are currently available from Morrisons and Ocado. (RRP: £2.99).

Let me know which of the above is your favourite and ultimate cosy night in…

Cosy Night - By Candlelight Lighter