What is Sage Green?

In the chaotic world that we live in and everything that has unravelled in 2020, it is no wonder that everyone is raving mad about the beautiful sage green aesthetic. 

But if you are wondering, what is sage green color? The color green itself has many properties that attribute it to be a natural, contented and harmonious shade. Associated with new life and nature, the color is gender neutral and popular with all age ranges. Furthermore, this makes it a diverse interior design choice. Most importantly, it can be used in every area of the home, whether you want to add a pop of light sage green paint in your living room or your office.

Infiltrating into all our homes, the green colour is spreading, as a result. One hue being especially popular – Sage Green.

What Other Properties Does Sage Green Provide?

It has become the new and improved grey neutral. The soft and serene hue provides a sense of relaxation and restoration all whilst promoting powerful energy. Moreover, pair the colour with your array of house plants and you really are onto a winning combination. You certainly will be bringing the great outdoors into your humble abode. 

The colour can be added to your home in multiple ways.  As an all-over neutral, a feature wall, your main furnishings, or accessory accents. Consequently, the multi-use herb inspired shade really is here to stay. 

This new neutral shade started its rippling effect back in 2018 when it exploded on Pinterest with a 170% rise in saves. Still, two years later, the muted colour is ever-popular. Adding to this, Pinterest is still seeing a 105% rise in the search term ‘sage green‘ year on year. 

What Do The High-Streets Say?

The paint colour giant, Dulux, took this as inspiration for their Colour of the Year for 2020, in the light sage green paint ‘Tranquil Dawn’. This Tranquil Dawn paint colour takes hues from green, grey and blue to deliver a light but warm backdrop for any home. It has been scientifically proven to help people feel calm and comforted. To further add inspiration to the cause was the milestone year of 2020, a new decade, a new era, a new start. The idea of a new day and a new dawn that works hand in hand with the calming nature of green. Add a lick of Tranquil Dawn paint to freshen up any room.

What Colours Complement Sage Green walls?

As a neutral, light sage green paint is a very versatile and uplifting colour meaning it can coexist very peacefully with almost any colour. It can be used to add a touch of spring and cheer to your north-facing room. It can promote comfort and peace within an area. and it can create an illusion of a larger, richer space that is full of life, as a result.  The below are excellent complementary colors to use alongside sage green paint colors:

Sage Green Interiors
Layer up the greens

Use alongside other greens and layer up your tone on tone. A green neon sign will make the sage wall pop. Neon Mama has a vast green lighting collection range that will suit this style perfectly. With sage green being a very light and organic green, it means you can add depth with darker shades. Add a dark velvet sofa on a sage green background, to conjure up a soothing and elegant vibe. A darker green represents wealth and stability. Why not double up on the sage green paint colors by adding in dark sage green too. Then throw on a volume of green cushions and position extravagant foliage to get a garden feel. When we feel at one with nature and the natural world, we enhance our personal growth and welcome in positivity. Candles provide a sense of calm energy and can be used to create an oasis in the home. The earthy green tones from Wax Wine Candles sit nicely against a layered up green scene in the home. Add a touch of silver, glass, or metallic as these accessories will look striking against the earthiness and depth of the colours.

wax_wine green
Grey all the way

If you want to create a tranquil environment, sage green and muted grey are a fabulous duo for creating a light and airy space with a traditional yet trendy sense. The grey undertones to the interior will greatly warm up the space and provide a smart and powerful look. For example, this scheme is great for a home office or studying environment, as the sage green will help with deep thinking and aid in contemplation, whilst the grey brings the smart and formal tone back into the room. So go for that sage green office with grey tones today!


Black and white go perfectly with sage green, the monochrome colour palette is a great backdrop to add your pop of sage that will really make it stand out and feel lavish. As a result, the room will become instantly cool, sharp and striking, making a perfect hallway decorating scheme. Who doesn’t want to impress their guests on first glance as they step through the front door?

Millennial Pink

The Millennial Pink colour boom of 2017 and 2018 is still a big hitter today and goes perfectly with the herby green. The dusky pink colour is another elegant charmer that brings a calming vibe and is perfect for the bedroom. Both colours are easy on the eye and on the pastel spectrum. The light tones of sage green and millennial blush pink will bring a renewing and reviving energy to where you sleep.

A Natural Palette

Want to spruce up your kitchen and create a rustic, farmhouse appearance? Add creams and beiges alongside your sage green for the creation of a country lifestyle ambience. For example, splashing the colour on the kitchen cupboard doors and pairing with light woodwork and natural shades will transform your space within a flash. Real wood sits perfectly against the natural pigment of sage and will create that comfy and cosy cottage inspo you’ve been looking at on Pinterest. To make it even better? Your windowsill herb garden will excellently coexist in your new Cotswold inspired interior.  

Is Sage Green a popular colour?

So overall, it appears that Sage Green is the optimal colour choice for the season, the year and your home. For instance, it’s so versatile that it can be added to any room, anywhere and with almost any other colour. So tell us where you have this green hue in your home? Or where you plan on using it next?

Feeling inspired, let me know in the comments! For other interior inspiration or colour trends, check out the Home & Interiors tab…

Sage Green Home

My Recommendations for a Sage Green Aesthetic

My top sage green paint colours this year are:

Farrow & Ball – Breakfast Room Green
Farrow & Ball – Calke Green
B&Q Goodhome – Limerick
Wilko – English Sage
Dulux – Willow Tree
Dulux – Tranquil Dawn