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Scandinavian Biolabs: Help With Hair Loss

Who Are Scandinavian Biolabs?

Scandinavian Biolabs are here to help you with your hair loss troubles. Hair loss is very common in many people’s lifetime and this can cause undue self esteem and confidence issues. Research suggests that on average 73% of men and 57% of women will suffer from some form of hair loss within their lifetime before 80 years old. It is the mission of Scandinavian Biolabs to help with this issue through their high quality, natural and scientifically proven hair growth products. All components and ingredients of the formulas are non-toxic, natural and make a real impact on hair strength and growth. The company is also striving towards a fully sustainable approach and has many goals set for the end of 2021. They are very committed to achieving both social and environmental sustainability.

How Does Hair Grow?

There are four main stages in the growth cycle of hair. Firstly, Anagen is the first growth stage where noticeable hair growth occurs, this phase can last up to 8 years. The second stage is Catagen which is the regression stage of the process. Over a course of 2-3 weeks, the growth is halted and the follicles shrink. Next up is Telogen which is the resting stage, the hair follicles are dormant and can remain this way for three months before finally entering Exogen. Exogen is where the hair starts shedding and falls out. However, this makes way for new hair growth and the return back to the Anagen stage.

Reasons for hair loss are due to an alteration in this natural hair growth cycle. This can be down to many factors such as lifestyle, illness, medication, hormones and genetics.

What Is The Secret Ingredient To Hair Growth That Scandinavian Biolabs Uses?

Scandinavian Biolabs currently have an array of products to help both men and women. Whether that is for hair on your head or their specially formulated eyelash growth serum. A key ingredient is their Bio-Pilixin Formula®, this trademarked formula is fantastic at strengthening hair follicle cells and helps to improve the scalp’s natural balance. The Bio-Pilixin Formula® has been designed and reviewed through established scientific research.

The formula contains caffeine that stimulates blood vessels on the scalp and helps to increase nutrients and oxygen to the hair bulbs. In addition, Capilia Longa, is an ingredient that helps with the duration of the hair growth stage. Furthermore, the amino acid complex aids in improving the integrity of the damaged hair.

Scandinavian Biolabs: Hair Growth Routine

This all natural, 100% vegan formula has been produced for preventing hair loss, growing new strands of hair and maintaining healthy and strong follicles. This three step hair growth routine is made up of three products, a strength shampoo, a recovery conditioner and a growth serum. The set comes with a 150 day guarantee, if used correctly, the growth routine package will produce results. Within 30 days of daily use hair should be healthier. These products are suitable for all hair types, dyed hair and sensitive scalp. They include no sulphates, no silicone and no parabens meaning super healthy and shiny hair without any toxicity. This highly reviewed routine has been seen and covered by, GQ, Vanity Fair, The Guardian and Women’s Health. The active ingredients are said to reverse the biological clock and foster ‘younger’ cells for thick and beautiful hair. The set retails at £59.99.

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How To Use The Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine

Step 1 is to use the strengthening shampoo. This cleans the existing hair without irritating the skin or drying out the hair strands. Make sure you wet hair thoroughly before applying the shampoo formula. Apply and massage this directly on to the scalp before thoroughly rinsing out. This step of the process will ensure thicker, fuller and healthier hair. 

Step 2 is to use the recovery conditioner. This restores and protects the composition of the hair strands. To use, apply an adequate amount of the liquid on the ends and midsection of the hair, make sure that you do not apply to the roots. Leave this on for 5-8 minutes for maximum effect. Once the time is up, rinse the product out thoroughly. 

Step 3 is to use the growth serum. This is the most important step so make sure you do not leave this part out of the routine as this is the part that encourages the new hair growth. Not only this but the growth serum helps to revitalize damaged hair follicles. Apply 2-3 full pipettes of the liquid onto the scalp and then gently massage in with fingertips. Make sure this is left in the hair and on the scalp for at least 6 hours.

Scandinavian Biolabs: Eyelash Growth Serum

Scandinavian Biolabs also have an incredible eyelash serum, formulated to enhance eyelash growth and thickness. In a few weeks of daily use, the eyelashes will improve. Eyelashes will be nourished and soothed to create extra growth, expand the thickness of each strand and a protective layer will be formed. By using the serum, the eyelashes will be strengthened inside and out and this will also help against any hair loss in the area. The multi-peptide Bio-Pilixin® formula is 100% vegan, all natural and is safe for use with sensitive skin. It does not include any sulphates, silicone, parabens and or prostaglandin meaning it is non-toxic. This outstanding eyelash serum will enhance the appearance of your  lashes, repair them from any beauty product damage and help with density and growth. The growth serum retails at £49.99.

Eyelash Serum
How To Use The Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum

To begin, always ensure that the eye area is clean, dry and rid of any makeup or beauty products. Secondly, apply the serum to the root of the eyelashes where they meet the skin. Allow the area to dry and the formula to absorb. Leave on for at least six hours before washing and cleansing to ensure maximum effect. Makeup and skincare products can be applied once the growth serum is dry. The eyelash growth serum can be used 1-2 times a day, ideally in the morning and at night. 

Please check back for a review of the products and the effect that they have had over a few months’ use. Check out the Lifestyle tab for more product and business reviews and articles.

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