Birchbox, What is it?

My Birchbox Review

I have been ordering and receiving Birchbox for years – over five years to be exact!

For those of you who don’t know, Birchbox is a beauty subscription service for £12.95 a month. At £10 for the box, it includes at the very least, five beauty samples and £2.95 for the delivery to your door.

Each month, there is a theme or collaboration that influences the contents inside. Past collaborations have included Vogue, Anthropologie and Etsy

Read on to see my Birchbox Review for November 2020 box including theme, products and overall service.

Birchbox Lifestyle Review

What is this Months Birchbox Theme?

This months theme is Pretty. But not pretty in appearance, but that women can be pretty… much anything.

Birchbox has always had a running theme of empowering women and now more than ever we need to be pushing this message. With a world revolving around social media, negative body image and plastic surgery filters, I think it’s fantastic to be sending this message out to all women alike, of many ages, ethnicities and cultures that we are all PRETTY AMAZING!

Looking at the boxes graphic design this month, it involves an artistic line drawing. This quirky silhouette of a woman brings a very trendy and quirky sense to the aesthetic. Abstract Faces & Lines are looking to be a new trend alert for 2021, so be sure to look out for more of this look. Rather than throwing out the box, you could get ahead of the trend and add it to your home as a statement coffee table piece.

What was included in November's Birchbox?

Handbag Mirror

In every box this month is a very handy, handbag mirror. To be used on the go, the size is perfect to slip in your pocket or clutch for when you need those little touch-ups. It is housed within a little slip off wallet that is in a gorgeous dusky pink colour, very millennial and right on trend at the moment.

At a retail price of £5, this is already half of your box price. I do believe that Brichobox is great value for money, as the contents inside the box are worth more than what you pay. It is also a fantastic way to try new products at a fraction of the price and are easily accessible.

Vitamasques 3 Step Super Green Detox Facial

The second piece in the box this month (and my favourite beauty item this month) is the Vitamasques 3 Step Super Green Detox Facial. This three in one treatment pack comes in at £5.99, so between just the two already mentioned products, we have achieved our overall product value.

This beauty item really impressed me as it has three features to it – a facial scrub, a sheet mask and a moisturiser. This gives you a full step by step salon-quality facial treatment that leaves you feeling extremely hydrated, relaxed and pampered. The whole process features many boosting ingredients, for instance, green tea,
charcoal, seaweed extract and kale. I loved this product and hope to see similar styles of full step by step treatments in the future.

Brave.New.Hair Reboot Hair Mask

Next up is the Brave.New.Hair Reboot Hair Mask. I must say, after the first use of this hair mask, my locks were feeling much more luscious and smooth. The treatment helps with reducing breakages and damage whilst adding a kick of shine. I’m sure a large majority of us use chemicals on our hair or heat styling tools to achieve our desired look. Therefore, I would recommend this if you’re looking for a little boost to help your hair health.

Brave.New.Hair also has a vast product range that I would also recommend. For example, I have tried their Charcoal Balance Purifying and Detox Mask and Twinkle Twinkle Hair and Body Shimmer. All in cute stackable pots.

Manna Kadar & REALHER Make Up

Then we have two makeup items that create our last couple of products for the month. Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator and a REALHER Matte Liquid Lipstick. I’ve had a number of the Manna Kadar make up products over the years and they’re always good and deliver what it says on the tin. I have not yet tried this Illuminator as I already have many of these open from previous Birchbox results, however, it says it can be used as an all-over glow that sounds interesting.  

As for the liquid lipstick, I’ve not yet heard of the REALHER brand, however, I’m always excited to give new brands a go. That’s one of the reasons I get Birchbox in the first place. This comes in three different pink or red shades, ‘I am Tough’, ‘I Decide my Destiny’ and ‘I Will Succeed’. The brand has used inspirational quick-fire quotes to motivate women whilst they apply their lipstick for the day. I have received the red shade and it is lovely. Maybe a little strong in colour but that’s the beauty of a strongly pigmented and rich lipstick. Adding to this it also doesn’t budge!

Conclusion for my Birchbox Review November 2020

So that’s a wrap for Birchbox, November 2020. In conclusion, the contents this month were varied, covering lifestyle, hair, skin and makeup products. These items are all available to purchase from the Birchbox shop from their website. If you’re a subscriber like me, you also get a loyalty discount of 15% off from the shop. Furthermore, they also stock many other well-known brands such as Benefit and Estee Lauder. So make sure you’re buying all your haircare, skincare and makeup needs from here to save on those pennies. 

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