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Autumn Paint Colours You Do Not Want To Miss

Autumn Paint Colours To Revitalise Your Home

As the leaves turn from lush greens to a stunning array of reds, oranges and yellows, we are reminded that autumn is a season of pure magic. It’s a season that beckons us to embrace warmth, comfort and all things vibrant. Autumn is more than just a change in weather; it’s a shift in mood and atmosphere. It’s a time when we yearn for warmth within the new crispness of the air. A time to embrace Autumn paint colours throughout the home.

If you are looking to update your home for Autumn, these are the Autumn paint colours that capture the essence of the season. From the comforting embrace of a steaming cup of coffee to the earthy richness of a National Trust garden. These Autumn paint colours will help you create an ambience that not only welcomes the season but also makes it a permanent resident in your home.

Misty Grey: Autumn's Serene Colour Palette

Autumn mornings are truly magical. As the sun rises, a soft, gentle mist often blankets the landscape. The world takes on a hushed quality where even the busiest of scenes seem to pause for a moment. It is a scene that has a comforting embrace and it is this very essence that a misty grey paint brings into your home.

Misty grey, as a colour, is a masterful reflection of these autumn mornings. It captures the delicate notes of both light and shadow. This subtle and elegant shade is like a soft whisper in your living space, a gentle reminder of the peace and calm that autumn mornings offer. But why choose misty grey, you might wonder? Grey, in its various shades, is a neutral that possesses a remarkable versatility. It has the unique ability to adapt to different moods and design styles, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of spaces.

How To Use Misty Grey Within Your Home

Add a misty grey paint in the bedroom to set the stage for restful nights and rejuvenating mornings. Its calming and soothing undertones create an ambience that’s perfect for winding down after a long day. This colour harmonises beautifully with soft, plush bedding, creating a cocoon of comfort.

In the living room, misty grey paint becomes a canvas upon which you can paint your unique style. It complements both contemporary and traditional decor, allowing your furnishings and accessories to take centre stage. You can pair it with vibrant accents to add a pop of colour or keep it understated for a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired look.

Coffee Paint Color: Brewing Warmth and Comfort in Your Space

Imagine the comforting embrace of your favourite coffee on a crisp autumn morning. You will feel the warmth, the aroma and the sense of cosy indulgence. Now, envision that same sense of comfort in your living space through the magic of a coffee paint color. This rich, inviting hue is more than just a paint choice; it is a delightful invitation.

One of the best ways to incorporate coffee paint color into your home is by crafting a cosy reading nook. Create a corner that is surrounded by warm tones of coffee with a plush armchair nestled under a soft throw blanket. Add a side table for your favourite books and a hot drink. This is the ultimate retreat for book lovers. The coffee paint color trend serves as the perfect backdrop, enveloping you in an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and contemplation.

How To Use Coffee Paint Color In Your Home

Adding this Autumn paint colour to your home is not limited to just reading nooks. Its versatility shines in dining areas as well. Try an accent wall in Dulux Brave Ground, this inviting shade can transform your dining room into a haven. As you gather with friends and family for meals, the deep, comforting tones of coffee provide a backdrop that encourages lingering conversations and the creation of cherished memories. Pair this warm, inviting hue with rustic wooden furniture and earthy decor elements to amplify its cosy ambience. Imagine the soft glow of candlelight against the coffee coloured wall, casting a warm, inviting aura over your dining space. It’s an ambience that turns even everyday meals into special occasions.

Drawing Room Blue: Capturing Autumn's Twilight

Autumn evenings are beautiful. As the sun sets, the sky turns a deep, moody blue. This unique atmosphere is what Drawing Room Blue aims to recreate. A paint colour that brings the twilight sky of autumn evenings into your interior spaces. Drawing Room Blue is not just any shade of blue; it is a hue that mirrors the beauty of an autumn twilight. It carries the same depth and richness that we admire as the day transitions into night. This colour palette exudes sophistication, offering a sense of calm and elegance that is perfect for creating a refined atmosphere in your home.

Add this colour to your home office, it will create a sanctuary of productivity and inspiration. This deep, moody shade can serve as the backdrop for your workspace, enveloping you in an atmosphere that encourages focus and creativity. Pair Drawing Room Blue with warm wooden office furniture and accents to create a harmonious balance between the deep blue walls and the richness of natural materials. The result is a space that combines modern professionalism with the comfort of traditional elegance.

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Autumn Paint Colours

Red Orange Brick: Infusing Rustic Charm into Your Space

When it comes to interior design, sometimes, it is the bold and unexpected choices that truly set a space apart. If you are looking to infuse your home with a burst of rustic charm and a dash of vibrancy, look no further than the inviting hue of Red Orange Brick paint. This beautiful colour is more than just a paint choice; it is a powerful design statement that can transform your kitchen or dining room into a warm and inviting haven.

Red orange brick is a colour that evokes the timeless appeal of rustic architecture. It is reminiscent of the warmth and character that brick walls bring to a space. This hue is a bold fusion of red and orange tones, reminiscent of terracotta tiles. It is a hue that exudes warmth, character and a sense of heritage.

How To Use Red Orange Brick In Your Home

One of the best ways to incorporate Red Orange Brick into your home is by using it as an accent wall in your kitchen or dining room. Picture this: an entire wall bathed in the warm, rustic charm of red orange brick, serving as a focal point that immediately draws the eye. This is a design choice that adds depth, character and visual interest to your space. In the kitchen, a red orange brick accent wall can serve as a backdrop for open shelving or a display of colourful cookware and dishes. It creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for cooking and gathering with family and friends.

Alabaster White Dulux: A Timeless Elegance for Autumn

When the word “autumn” is mentioned, our minds often conjure images of vibrant oranges, deep reds and earthy browns. It is a season celebrated for its rich and warm colour palette. However, amidst this riot of hues, there is a place for the serene and timeless beauty of crisp white.

While vibrant autumnal colours steal the spotlight, a crisp and pure white like Alabaster White Dulux can work wonders in your home during this season. It offers a delightful contrast to the warm, earthy tones associated with autumn. It is a striking juxtaposition that highlights the season’s vibrancy while adding a touch of modern elegance.

One of the strengths of Alabaster White Dulux is its versatility. It serves as an ideal canvas for showcasing your autumn decor. Whether it is a display of pumpkins and gourds or a table adorned with autumnal centrepieces. Alabaster White Dulux provides the perfect backdrop. Your decor will pop against this neutral canvas, allowing the seasonal elements to take center stage.

National Trust Green Paint: Inviting the Outdoors In

When you think of autumn, what comes to mind? Perhaps it is the image of strolling through a serene garden, leaves crunching beneath your feet. It is a scene that captures the essence of the season with a vibrant display of colours and textures. Now, imagine bringing this outdoor experience into your home through the magic of National Trust Green Paint.

In collaboration with Little Greene

In a remarkable collaboration that commenced in 2018, Little Greene embarked on an extraordinary partnership with the National Trust. This project birthed an extensive paint research project. The mission was to unearth the original colours that once adorned the National Trust’s cherished spaces. The result is multiple National Trust paint colours that can now be added to your home. But the palette doesn’t stop there. Little Greene has also drawn inspiration from its own archives, bringing forth several significant greens from its storied history. These venerable shades seamlessly blend with the National Trust derived colours, offering a harmonious range that marries tradition and innovation.

How To Use National Trust Green Paint In Your Home

This Green Paint Collection is more than just an array of colours; it is a celebration of heritage. There are several ways that you can include National Trust Green paint in your home. Consider painting your bedroom with a soothing hue such as Boringdon Green. This can transform your sleeping space into a tranquil oasis, evoking the serene ambiance of a garden at dawn. Pair it with soft, nature-inspired bedding to complete the look.

Alternatively, for a touch of sophistication, use National Trust Puck Green as an accent wall in your living room. It is a bold choice that will draw the eye and serve as a conversation starter. Complement it with rich wooden furniture and earthy decor elements for a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor aesthetics.

Wondering What Colour to Paint Your Bedroom?

The bedroom is your personal haven, a place to find comfort, solace and rejuvenation. When contemplating the ideal Autumn paint colour for this intimate space, your goal is to cultivate an environment that fosters relaxation. For the autumn season, why not consider the inviting and warming embrace of a coffee paint color such as Brave Ground Dulux. Its rich, earthy tones exude cosiness and intimacy. It is like being wrapped in a soft, plush blanket, creating an ambience that is perfect for this upcoming season. Pairing this coffee paint color with the right furnishings and decor elements can transform your bedroom into the ultimate cosy autumn retreat. 

Rich Wooden Furniture: 

Think about incorporating rich wooden furniture into your bedroom. The juxtaposition of a coffee paint color against the natural warmth of wood creates a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Wooden bed frames, nightstands or a chest of drawers add an element of rustic elegance and comfort.

Soft Earthy Bedding:

To complement the embracing coffee paint color backdrop, opt for soft and earthy toned bedding. Deep brown or terracotta sheets, warm hued duvets and or cosy, textured blankets add an overall snug atmosphere to the room.

Natural Elements:

Infuse a touch of the outdoors inside with natural decor elements. Consider adding indoor plants or a vase of autumnal flowers to bring life and vitality to your space. The combination of greenery and coffee paint color creates a refreshing and harmonious balance.

Warm Lighting: 

Lighting is essential in setting the right mood. Opt for soft, warm lighting fixtures like bedside lamps or wall sconces with dimmer switches. These create a cosy vibe and allow you to tailor the lighting to your desires.

Autumn Paint Decor
Autumn Paint Colours You Do Not Want To Miss

What Colour Goes with a Grey Bedroom?

Grey is a versatile canvas upon which you can paint a multitude of moods and styles. Its neutrality makes it the perfect backdrop for experimentation with various color accents. When looking to infuse an Autumn paint colours into your grey bedroom, you have a spectrum of choices to enhance the cosy and seasonal atmosphere. 

Green is a wonderful choice to complement the coolness of grey in your bedroom. It brings the lush, earthy tones of autumn foliage indoors. Consider adding touches of green through accent pillows, a cozy throw blanket or even a statement piece of furniture, like an upholstered green chair. These green accents breathe life into your space, creating a connection with the outdoors and evoking the freshness of the season.

What Colour Goes with Cream Kitchen Units?

Cream is a classic choice for kitchen units due to its neutral and elegant appeal. It provides a clean and airy look, making the kitchen feel open and inviting. However, it’s also a colour that can adapt to various design styles and color schemes, making it an ideal starting point for your autumn-inspired kitchen. For an autumn-inspired kitchen, consider accenting with Autumn paint colours such as a red orange brick. The combination of creamy tones and the rich brick color will give your kitchen a welcoming and cosy feel.

Red orange brick colours capture the essence of autumn with the rich, earthy hues similar to fallen leaves and cosy hearths. By accenting your cream kitchen units with this warm and rustic colour pallete, you infuse the space with a sense of warmth and comfort. One of the most impactful ways to introduce red orange brick into your kitchen is by creating an accent wall. Choose a prominent wall or a backsplash area to apply this welcoming hue. The rich, textured appearance of brick adds depth and character to your kitchen, transforming it into a focal point.

What Colour Goes with Dove Grey Kitchen Units?

Dove grey kitchen units are a design choice that brings timeless elegance and sophistication. Their neutral and understated charm makes them a versatile canvas for various colour accents. To maintain the timeless and classic aesthetic of dove grey while infusing your kitchen with the spirit of autumn, consider pairing them with Drawing Room Blue. This combination not only retains the kitchen’s elegance but also brings in the depth and richness of the season.

A deep drawing room blue paint colour, adds a layer of depth and sophistication to your dove grey kitchen units. This deep, moody blue captures the twilight sky on an autumn evening, bringing an air of sophistication to your space.

Which Autumn Paint Colours Would You Choose?

When it comes to selecting the perfect paint colours and accents for your home this autumn, the choices are as diverse and rich as the season itself. Autumn ushers in a unique blend of cosy warmth and vibrant hues making it the ideal time to refresh your living spaces.

From the inviting National Trust greens to the serene misty greys, each colour brings its own charm and character, allowing you to craft the perfect atmosphere for each room in your home.

When it comes to pairing these colours with existing elements in your home, the possibilities are equally exciting. Whether you are working with cream kitchen units or a dull bedroom, there are complementary colours and accents that can enhance the autumn vibe while maintaining the aesthetic you desire.


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