Who is Belly Dog?

Belly Dog is based in Hamburg, Germany and produces high quality dog products. All of the products are vegan, natural and come in recyclable packaging. The range of products on offer cover categories such as bath time, health, beauty, well-being and problem solving. Therefore, the range on offer is very extensive and there is something for every dog breed, large or small, short haired or long haired. So whether you are looking for everyday health products or just fancy pampering your beloved pooch, Belly Dog has everything you need.

Oatmeal Shampoo: Oat Protein & Shea Butter Shampoo

A great place to start is with this vanilla scented shampoo. The perfect addition to any pamper routine or general care for your dog. It is an all natural, vegan formula that contains oat protein, chamomile and aloe vera. Furthermore, the oat protein is fantastic for soothing sensitive skin, reducing any irritations and softens and protects fur. Use on wet hair, rub it all over until the liquid lathers and then thoroughly wash out with warm water. (£19.90).

Shine Conditioner: Natural Conditioner For A Silky Fur

After you have shampooed your dog, grab this shine conditioner which is guaranteed to leave your dog glowing. The natural formula helps to strengthen the hair whilst also deeply moisturising. Firstly, it needs to be applied to wet fur and left off for 2-3 minutes for maximum results before washing off with water. The formula is great for any fur type, sensitive skin and any dog looking for a bit of me time. Adding to this, the conditioner contains all vegan ingredients such as guava, cucumber and meadowfoam seed oil. All of these key ingredients helps with detangling and combing of hair, are packed with vitamins and protect skin. (£19.90).

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Neat Dog Fragrance: Neutralising Spray Deodorant

Nobody likes a stinky pup. This doggy deodorant is perfect for use in between baths to ensure freshness stays for longer. It can be used daily on a dry coat and is quick and easy to apply. Furthermore, it contains aloe vera for moisture, chamomile for its antibacterial properties and of course, frangipani for its fresh and light fragrance that also helps to uplift the mood. Brushing your dog after applying helps to distribute the scent and also provides your dog with that extra pamper. (£15.90).

What Should I Use If My Dog's Breath Smells? Dog Dental Care Spray: Dental & Breath Spray

This powerful breath spray has tonnes of benefits such as combating bad breath with its organic peppermint oil and fighting plaque build up and tartar from your dog’s teeth. As a result, your dog will have a gleaming smile and fresh breath all day with this spray. It is filled with a unique blend of natural and plant based ingredients such as rosemary, peppermint and aloe vera. Directions for use are to spray both sides of your dog’s mouth, under the lip. As a result, doing this every day will not only help keep bad breath at bay but also help to decrease the risk of oral infections and diseases. (£24.90).

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Is Your Dog Always Anxious? No Stress Spray: Anti-Stress & Calming Spray

Another great spray is the No Stress Spray, specifically created for the anxious dog. For instance, this natural soothing spray helps to reduce anxiety within your dog. The spray is to be used around the dog on any fabrics or materials, this may be on a pet bed, cushion, blanket or collar. Ensure that you let the area dry before allowing the dog to be around it. The formula contains chamomile which helps with skin injuries and is an antibacterial, lavender that has calming properties and ascorbic acid which helps to fight bacterial infections. To summarise, this no stress pray is perfect for poorly or stressed pets. (£19.90).

Activated Charcoal: Supplementary Digestive Treats

These charcoal treats are excellent for helping your dog’s digestive system. Even though they are a healthy and beneficial supplement, they still taste and look like tasty treats! Be sure to give your pup the right amount, only one biscuit per 5kg of body weight per day. Furthermore, the charcoal within the digestive treat helps to absorb any toxins that your dog may have ingested throughout the day, helping to relieve any signs of an upset stomach or gas. The little snacks also contain vanilla, for a great taste and alfalfa fibres that are rich in vitamins C and K, magnesium, folate, antioxidants and copper. (£14.90).

What Should I Do If My Dog Gets Dry Paws? Paw & Nose Cream: Moisturising & Protecting Cream

Does your dog have trouble with their nose and paws getting dry and irritated? You might want to try the Belly Dog Paw & Nose Cream. It is formulated to be lick safe and help protect from heat, salt, ice and cold. Treat daily for best results if your pooch is suffering, before and after walks and after bath time is a great time for use. In addition, the creamy formula is unscented and contains arnica, shea butter and aloe vera. These three ingredients help with moisturising the skin, promoting growth and have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. (£17.90).

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Clean Ears: Soothing & Cleaning Solution

Now you’ve looked after your dog’s nose and paws, but what about their ears? If your dog suffers from itchy or dirty ears, this formula will help to ease these symptoms. The liquid helps to thoroughly clean the ears, banaish away any bad odours and maintain a healthy ear. Apply some to a cotton bud and gently wipe the visible areas of the ear. This natural formula is very mild and gentle on the skin, can be used daily and contains aloe vera, witch hazel and chamomile. (£24.90).

Does Your Dog Have Fleas? Anti Fleas Spray: Natural Spray Against Fleas

All dogs have the chance of getting fleas and it is so important that they are actively treated and prevented where possible. A flea spray is the perfect way to do just that. The natural spray from Belly Dog can be used daily, just spray onto the dogs coat 10-15cm away and massage into skin to ensure the liquid has sunk in. An added benefit of the spray repellent is the argan oil inside the formula that helps to create a beautiful shiny coat for your dog. It also contains lavender for a calming effect and geranium to help keep nasties at bay including mosquitoes and mites. (£19.90).

Head on over to Belly Dog if you’re planning to pamper your pooch, are looking for supplementary dog care or are a new dog owner needing some inspiration and advice. Your dog will definitely love you for it! If you are a human and are looking for some self love and pampering too, check out Scandinavian Biolabs for a fabulous hair care routine.