Always wanted to go to Brighton?

Brighton is situated in the South of England on the coastline, 47 miles outside of London. A popular seaside resort, the town boasts a pebble beach and rich culture. There are also tonnes of attractions to sink your teeth into. 

Also known as the ‘gay capital’ of the UK, Brighton is welcoming, colourful and has something to offer for everyone. So if you’re looking to visit, here is a whistle-stop 24 hours guide on what to do in Brighton.

What is the first thing I should do in Brighton?

The first thing to note is the iconic Brighton Beach and Pier. It is a must-see and is what makes Brighton the popular place it is today. 

The pebble beach is 5.4 miles long and houses many bars, restaurants and of course fish and chip shops! Eating fish and chips at the seaside must be the number one thing to do whilst holidaying on the UK coastline! So make sure you get your feed as soon as you arrive. 

Brighton has a tragic history regarding its piers, with one of the charred remains still standing out at sea. The West Pier was bursting with life until it was deliberately burnt down in 2003 by arson attacks. The partial structure still remains but has become a renowned part of the Brighton coastline and is still a popular viewing attraction. The Palace Pier, however, is still standing and in full working order for all tourists.

Brighton Beach

Is the I360 Tower worth it?

A new attraction to grace the shoreline of Brighton is the i360 tower. At £16.50 for adults and £8.25 for children, the tower is 162m high, towering over the whole of Brighton and Hove. Take the ride skywards as it slowly ascends to show the viewers 360 views over the city and the English Channel. Get a drink at the bar that is located on board throughout the activity.

Brighton 1360 Tower
Attraction at Night

What is the best restaurant in Brighton?

Brighton has a vast array of restaurants in the town, on the seafront and all the way into The Lanes. But if you enjoy genuine and authentic Italian cuisine then Donatello is perfect for you. Right in the middle of the atmosphere, Donatello is a family-run Italian restaurant that really stands out from the crowd. Not only are the meals delicious, but the menu is also comprehensive and affordable. Pizza, pasta, steaks, seafood, tiramisu, this restaurant has it all!

Where are the best chilled bars?

By this point, you’ve had a long day exploring and you’re wanting to wind down for the evening. You may want to check out the bars and nightlife that this town has to offer. Brighton has a huge club scene but if you’re wanting a quiet drink with an upbeat atmosphere then you need to check out The Mesmerist. Situated in the middle of The Lanes, the swanky lounge bar has styled and themed rooms that span over three floors. With plenty of expertly mixed cocktails on offer, you’re sure to get your night out fix.

Brighton is a great place to visit.

Overall, Brighton is a fun and friendly UK seaside town with a twist. There are lots to do and plenty to see, so why not schedule your first trip away after lockdown to this spectacular wonder!? 

If you liked this article or you’ve been to Brighton yourself, why not comment below your favourite thing to do whilst there? For other travel tips and UK destination suggestions, please check out the Travel Tips section. If you would be interested in another UK city trip, you should check out Canterbury and Cheltenham!

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