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Canterbury Travel Tips

Travel Tips: What to do in Canterbury?

Canterbury is an iconic cathedral city in the South East of England. As a consequence, the cathedral has brought rich history to the city for thousands of years and now makes for a great tourist destination. With plenty to do, it can be a minefield to experience the city to the fullest. After a visit in September 2020 for a couple of days on a whistle-stop tour, I’ve round up a fantastic tried and tested itinerary for you to enjoy. A must do activity in Canterbury is to see the sights on the river by taking a punting tour. As a result, this is our favourite activity to do in Canterbury. The tours can be taken with Canterbury Punting, a great company who are fairly priced and provide fantastic experiences.


Brighton: The Ultimate 24 Hour Guide

Brighton is situated in the South of England on the coastline, 47 miles outside of London. A popular seaside resort, the town boasts a pebble beach and rich culture. There are also tonnes of attractions to sink your teeth into. Also known as the ‘gay capital’ of the UK, Brighton is welcoming, colourful and has something to offer for everyone. So if you’re looking to visit, here is a whistle-stop 24 hours guide on what to do in Brighton. The first thing to note is the iconic Brighton Beach and Pier. It is a must-see and is what makes Brighton the popular place it is today. The pebble beach is 5.4 miles long and houses many bars, restaurants and of course fish and chip shops!