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How Much Textile Waste Does The UK Produce?

Every year the United Kingdom throws away 206.456 tonnes of textile waste. Furthermore, the majority of this waste is sent to landfill which will affect the Earth for years to come. On average, each Briton will throw out 3.1kg of textile waste, with only 0.4kg of this being reused and only 0.3kg being recycled. To clarify, this greatly needs to improve and can be by building your own sustainable capsule wardrobe.

How To Make Your Capsule Wardrobe

So if you are asking yourself how you can create a more eco-friendly lifestyle and create a sustainable wardrobe, try these top five tips. Creating this type of wardrobe has many benefits. Not only does it help with very important issues such as textile waste and climate change, you will also save a lot of money! The average person in the UK spends just shy of £1000 a year on new clothes!

To create a capsule wardrobe you will require on average no more than 50 quality pieces. This will include your clothing items, shoes and accessories. There is a real emphasis on quality over quantity here. In addition, investing in better materials and looks will save you in the long run. The same set of clothes can be your capsule wardrobe for summer or your capsule wardrobe for autumn if you style it correctly.

Firstly, to start creating your new sustainable wardrobe, make sure you go through what you already have. Secondly, you then should purchase a few good bits to fill in any gaps. Follow the below tips to make the right decisions

Sustainable Wardrobe

Neutral Colours

The key to starting your capsule wardrobe is making sure you have neutral colours. We all love a pop of colour, however, these colours can clash and colour trends can fade. Black and white colours go with almost every outfit, as well as greys and light tones such as beige or sand.

Try To Think Of All Occasions

Try to select pieces that can be worn casually or dressed up. Take a bodysuit for example, this can be worn with jeans, trainers and a coat for those cold winter walks. On the other hand, it can be dressed up with a skirt, heels and hoops! To sum up, purchasing clothing basics can really help with the transitions between outfits.

Accessories Really Change An Outfit

Accessories are the holy grail of a capsule wardrobe. You can really change up any outfit with the correct jewellery or accessories. Above all, accessories can make an outfit stand out from the crowd. Have a selection of statement jewellery and some smaller pretty pieces. A great place for sustainable hair accessories is Mood & Mane, their black collection is perfect for every day.

Shoes Make A Difference

Shoes have a huge impact on a capsule wardrobe. Ensure you own a pair of comfy trainers that can be worn for casual days, used for long walks and in all weathers. A must for any capsule wardrobe for women is a black pair of heels. Black heels will go with any outfit and really turn your outfit up a notch if you are wanting to go out!

Check The Items Usability

When purchasing a new garment, think of how many ways it can be worn or what else it would go with. If you can only think of one way you will ever be able to wear it, then do not bother! Pick clothes that can be worn multiple times with multiple different pieces to create lots of different looks.