New Fashion Trends Are Emerging... The GAMMA Jacket

Although most people are used to traditional clothing and materials, there’s always room for innovation and improvement. Scientists and engineers from South Korea have started using one of the most durable and lightweight materials known to man – graphene. The GAMMA jacket Indiegogo campaign results pretty much say it all. With millions in raised funds, graphene clothing looks to be a trend that’s likely to make waves in the fashion and lifestyle communities.

The GAMMA jacket combines the best technology and fashion has to offer to make slender, versatile, and durable clothing. The GAMMA uses state-of-the-art graphene infusion to function as both winter and summer clothing due to the material’s breathability and thermoregulation.

What Is Graphene?

Graphene, also known as supreme graphene, is one of the world’s strongest and lightest materials. Discovered (or rather, isolated) in 2004, graphene is made from carbon, the same atom that makes diamonds and graphite. However, it has a hexagonal lattice that is only one atom thick. While this might sound impossible, the material has turned out to be incredibly effective and has properties superior to traditional conductors and metals. In fact, if you layer graphene on top of each other, the resulting material is brittle graphite, which is primarily why graphene production is difficult.

Graphene on its own is a transparent, flexible superconductor. It is primarily used for producing better electronics materials, including some of the most precise sensors. Since new practices have been developed to isolate graphene that involves less waste matter and more efficient production, it is easier to incorporate it in everyday life and gadgets. In recent years, graphene-infused sports equipment has seen public use and widespread popularity as some of the most reliable and sturdy on the market. However, its physical properties make it highly attractive for making apparel.

The main selling point of graphene for clothing is that it is highly thermally conductive. This allows clothes such as the GAMMA jacket to use the wearer’s body heat and transfer it all over the body. In warmer climates, the micropores in the graphene will whisk the heat to the sides. However, in cold weather, the jacket absorbs all the heat from the body and keeps it close.

Since graphene works with just one layer of atoms, it’s an incredibly light material, and the entire jacket weighs about as much as a traditional hoodie.

Camping with Gamma Jacket

The GAMMA Jacket’s Unique Style

The GAMMA jacket makes revolutionary use of graphene. It’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable, and the neutral black color allows it to fit with most fashion styles and aesthetic choices. The range of motion in the jacket is also commendable. The designers have made the jacket more form-fitting, with both male and female styles available. Since the GAMMA is so thin, it doesn’t interfere with the natural body shape and accentuates the wearer’s features. The women’s jacket is curvier, enhancing the natural hourglass figure. For men, the jacket gets progressively slimmer down to the waist, bulking up the chest and shoulders for a more pronounced male physique.

The form-fitting, timeless look also makes it suitable for a vast range of situations. From simply going to the store to hiking up mountain trails, this jacket can be worn pretty much everywhere. Its ability to blend in with the environment and fit every occasion makes it an excellent lifetime purchase.

The jacket’s unique appearance allows you to pair it well with other clothing, depending on the season and function. For example, you can wear it with a simple pair of jeans during everyday outings and nights out. While it’s not going to look like a jacket made for a black-tie event, it can be used instead of a coat in windy and rainy weather. Since it’s waterproof and doesn’t allow air or moisture inside, it offers great protection and dries quickly.

The GAMMA jacket also has plenty of storage space. We know how important it is for people to have plenty of room to place their belongings. With this jacket, you get ten pockets spread around for maximum usability. They can fit most essentials, so you don’t have to worry about the carrying capacity. Some of the pockets are designed to fit the power bank and heaters, but those can be unplugged if needed to make room for other belongings.

Everyday with Gamma Jacket

Additional Features That Make GAMMA Great

While graphene itself is an excellent heat conductor, directing excess heat away from the body, it also works well as an insulator. It takes the body’s natural heat and circulates it through the jacket, providing you comfort in chilly weather. If that isn’t enough, the jacket also comes with carbon fiber heaters with variable settings. The heaters are powered by a USB-plugged power bank that can be taken out and recharged when needed, and can provide hours of heating in sub-zero weather.

The jacket also has adjustable waist and hood drawstrings, retractable sleeve cuffs, and built-in finger gloves. These features make the jacket incredibly customizable and allow you to get the most out of it in any weather.

Due to the graphene’s unique strength and sturdiness, the jacket is nigh-impenetrable. It can withstand knife cuts, punctures, and bruises without a hassle. The jacket is also resistant to odors and stains. If something does happen to the jacket to dirty it, it is entirely machine washable, making it a breeze to keep clean.

With a GAMMA jacket, you’re essentially getting a single jacket that you’ll use for years due to its enhanced durability and timeless style. It can effectively replace multiple pieces of clothing and fits well into everyone’s closet. This is one jacket that will easily last a lifetime and stay in perfect condition over the years.

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Get Ready for the Future of Clothing

The GAMMA jacket is the first step towards smarter, more refined clothing that uses technological advancements to bolster fashion. With this jacket on your side, you’ll make a bold statement wherever you go.

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