Looking For Some Christmas Gifts For Your Dog?

As fully fledged members of the family, our four legged, furry friends deserve to be spoilt at Christmas too! With 33% of households in the U.K. owning a dog, it’s no surprise that getting the dog a Christmas gift is as popular as ever. Whether your dog has meaty treats, a fluffy toy or a personalised collar on their Christmas list, the below list of Christmas gifts for your dog are sure to inspire.

D For Dog

D For Dog is your go to place for all things dog related! They have an amazing selection of gifts for your dogs at Christmas. Firstly, this personalised dog blanket is warm and cosy for your dog! Furthermore, you can get their name embroidered in bold lettering on the corner to give it that personal touch. Why not get your dog a festive collar? With different designs, including reindeers, penguins or snowflakes. The collars are made from high quality nylon meaning they are long lasting and can be used for years to come. In addition, D For Dog has a full range of dog toys that are all in the theme of Christmas. The selection covers squeakers, plushies and different textures for a fully immersive and festive experience. Starting RRP’s £16/£7.30/£9.95.

Christmas Gifts For Your Dog
Dog Collars
Dog Toys

Sniffe and Likkit

This boutique brand has an array of luxury gifts for your dog in the grooming and treat categories. With classy packaging and design, these little gifts will make your dog smile… and their tails wag. Firstly, Sniffe and Likkit have a great grooming set called Inn The Dog House.  The kit includes a fragrant mist, a conditioning shampoo, scented wipes and a mini air freshener. It will have your dog dapper in no time. If you are looking for a treat or two then there are gift packs and stockings available. For example, the Paw Kit Full of Treats Stocking contains three packs of tasty button bites. The Paw Kit Treat Tin includes pocket sized treats made from sweet potato and chicken liver. Most importantly, they are all nutritionally balanced and healthy for your pet. Starting RRP £5.

Dog Treats Stocking
Dog Treats Tin

Pooch and Mutt

Pooch and Mutt believe that eating healthy is just as important for dogs as it is humans. Therefore they have formulated an enhanced series of dog foods that includes meats, treats and supplements. Their Dog Christmas Collection means your dog can join the foodie festivities but stay healthy too. For instance, the Christmas Gift Box For Dogs includes two servings of a yummy dog Christmas Dinner plus two packs of meaty treats. Both include prebiotics to aid digestion and the treats include collagen for healthy skin & coat. If you want to order the treats separately, you can also get these in separate boxes of either three or seven. Starting RRP £9.99.

Sausage Dog on sleigh
Dog Treats

Are you a vegetarian or vegan dog owner? These plant inspired treats for your dog may be the perfect gift you have been looking for. The colourful packaging and creative brand name make W’ZIS? stand out as a fabulous gift. Do you say ‘What’s this’ to your dog when you give them a treat? The truncated sonic play on what owners say to excite their dogs is what makes up the innovative name! All of the treats are low calorie and gluten free, with no added sugar or salt. Even if you do not follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it has been found that 34% of British dog food buyers think that it is good for dogs to have a plant-based meal instead of meat sometimes! All of these W’ZIS? dog treats are great plant-based alternatives. Starting RRP £5.95.

Christmas Dog Treats
Treat Tin
Dog Robes

These cute dog robes are perfect for keeping your dog warm! Put them in this cosy wrap once they get out of the bath to help dry them off and keep toasty. An alternative use is keeping one in your car for after those long, cold and muddy walks. The robe doubles up for keeping your dog warm but also your home and car interiors clean too. The robes come in an array of different colours and patterns. Furthermore, you can use the size guide to measure up your dog to find the perfect fit. There are sizes available from mini all the way up to XXXL! Starting RRP £21.95.

Jack Russell
Italian Greyhound

Now you have sorted your Christmas gifts for your four legged friends. Check out The Best Christmas Gifts For Her and The Best Christmas Gifts For Him to sort the rest of your friends and family out!

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