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Cup Of Daisies: Luxurious But Ethical Fashion

Cup of Daisies - Meet The Ethical Fashion Brand.

Cup of Daisies is a new and luxurious brand that retails a selection of unique and colourful silk scarves. The fashion label prides itself on its high quality scarves made from 100% twirl silk, each with its own exclusive pattern and design.  Furthermore, the company trades with ethical standards and sustainability in mind. As a result, they have partnered with many worthy charities. The brand donates 10% of each sale and is continuing to grow and help people in need along the way.

Founder of Cup of Daisies is Oana Balan, who started her journey by studying fashion. Firstly, she explains that “after studying fashion I wanted to have my own say in fashion and to offer my own vision”. Step by step, Cup of Daisies was created. Secondly, Oana points out that the company is “currently transferring the brand from just being a brand with social responsibility to producing in England and gaining the value of having ethical standards”. The business has now partnered with many charities including ADRAUK, Tenovus, Shelter Cymru, Noah’s Ark and Merlin. 

The brand currently stocks five unique colours and designs of scarves, including Orange Jungle, Blue Pineapples and Purple Orchids. All of the scarves are unisex and can be worn by all genders, whether that be around your neck, in your hair or whatever other uses you may find.

Cup Of Daisies - Orange Jungle

Orange Jungle showcases a bright and cheerful orange tone on a white background. Made from 100% twirl silk the material is super soft. With a rolled hem and measuring 60cm by 60cm, this scarf is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

The chosen charity for this Scarf is Noah’s Ark which has inspired the animal and jungle theme. The scarf depicts a child’s dream that features animals from the ark such as parrots, lions, elephants, giraffes and monkeys. The animals are surrounded by exciting toys, sweets and balloons. 

From each sale of this orange scarf, Cup of Daisies donates 10% to Noah’s Ark. This charity is the official charity of the Wales Children’s Hospital. Furthermore, their aim is to provide first rate facilities to the children of Wales. This includes world-class medical teams, fantastic resources and up to date equipment. Currently, the charity is working on a new project that will help those needing surgery and who are in intensive care.

Cup of Daisies - Orange Scarf

Cup Of Daisies - Purple Orchids

This beautiful purple design is featured around orchids and flowers and has been created in Wales. The delicate material is 100% twirl silk, hand wash only and 10% of these sales go towards The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). The images are of the native African flowers and motifs in line with the aid provided in Rwanda.

ADRA works in more than 120 countries around the world. Firstly, they help with aid for community farming, disaster relief, food aid and water resources. Secondly, they also have many special aid programmes that help mother and children’s health, education and training.

Cup of Daisies - Purple Scarf

Cup of Daisies - Blue Pineapples

Retailing at £20, this dark blue scarf is the perfect accessory for all year round. The soft silk material feels extremely silky against the skin and the vibrant blue creates a luxurious statement. Moreover, the chosen charity for the Blue Pineapples scarf is, Save The Children. 10% of each sale goes to this charity to help with life changing aid. 

Save The Children is a charity who has many projects throughout Asia and Africa. Each country that they work in is depicted on the scarf through an animal, fruit or flower. All of these countries and their symbols brilliantly link together to showcase an exquisite pattern for the scarf. As a charitable organisation, Save The Children has a huge level of expertise in delivering medical care to countries that have been shattered by war, floods or earthquakes. This covers areas of recovery to emergency response. 

Cup of Daisies - Blue Scarf
Shop Ethically Today...

So if you are looking for stunning scarves, made from the highest quality, 100% twirl silk then make sure you head over to Cup of Daisies. Not only will you be able to purchase a timeless fashion accessory, you will also be helping millions of people through the charitable donation given through each sale. 

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