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How to Organise Your Home: Top Five Tips

Need Some Help On How To Organise Your Home?

Do you feel as though you could do with an extra helping hand? Surrounded by piles of washing and need to buy something to fill the fridge? Five days late on your electricity bill and cannot remember where you left that letter? We have all been there! We all have busy lives and lists of responsibilities longer than our arm. Often, we can find ourselves getting forgetful and overwhelmed. But worry no longer with my top five tips on how to organise your home.

Tip One: Stay on top of your bills

The number one important rule. Pay your bills and on time! Write down all your household billing accounts. They can become very overwhelming, very quickly, if you do not know your outgoings. Often a household can have multiple accounts and multiple bills! The gas and electricity, the mortgage/rent, numerous service and maintenance charges, council tax, water, Wi-Fi… of course, the list goes on. 

By writing all your important bill information down, you can easily check whenever you need to pay a bill and the amount due. There will be account numbers, set direct debits and specific dates to pay. So, make sure you have all this important information on a secure list that can then be easily always accessed.

Tip Two: Cleaning Your Home

Some people love cleaning, some people hate cleaning, however we all must do it. 

Being clean is vital, especially with the new world including Covid-19, it is now so important to stay on top of the cleaning duties. If you really do not have the time to clean your property why not invest in hiring some house cleaners?

There can be a lot to do around the house, so to keep a track of everything, write all the tasks down on a list and split them up into rooms. Then you can tick off a few bits each day. Alternatively, try and tackle a full room on a spare Saturday morning or blitz the whole house with a hoover on your lunch break if you work from home. If you are in the market for a new vacuum, something like the Riccar R10E is lightweight and easy to use, making it a great potential addition to a household.

If you live in a multiple occupant’s household, you can split out the cleaning and share the responsibility. Create motivation to complete tasks by writing them out and ticking them off as you go.

Tip Three: Declutter Your Life

You may have cleaned the house from top to bottom but is your home neat and tidy? If the answer is no, you may need to declutter… this is one tip that will change your life! Declutter your life and in turn you will find that a tidy space equals a tidy mind. 

So, start folding up the blankets you threw on the floor, start putting away those small items that you leave on the side and put your shoes back in their rightful place in the cupboard. You will soon start reaping the benefits. You will not find yourself misplacing items that got left on the side, you will not be tripping over things, and in overall, your living environment will be much more relaxing. 

Stay on top of the tidying and decluttering by completing these small actions little and often, then it will not mount up. Just fifteen minutes a day is all you need. So, start right now!

Tip Four: Boxes and Baskets

So now you have decluttered and tidied away, you may have noticed many items do not have their own home? This is where your newfound love of baskets and boxes come into play. These simple storage solutions come in an array of sizes, colours and are super affordable. They will suit any space and home and can be easily implemented into any room of the house. Label up for maximum organisation!

Some examples of where and how to implement include the bedroom and kitchen. In your wardrobe is a great place to start with your basket hack. Place tubs inside your draws and shelves for certain items, whether it be for sunglasses, makeup, belts, or perfumes.

In the kitchen, place baskets within the food cupboards. These can be sorted into many categories such as rice and pasta, crisps, snacks, and treats, baking, sauces … whatever you wish. This means when you are looking for that Bolognese sauce jar, you will know where it will be straight away!

But just remember that once you are finished using your items, put them all back in their rightful home and remember tip three!

Tip Five: Alexa’s Helpful Functions

If you have an Amazon Alexa, then this is a top tip for you. There are many different functions to Alexa, that can help make your day run smoother. If you feel you need some tips and tricks on how to use your Alexa to the max, then check out this book… Alexa Commands for the Smart Home. 

There is a great function of lists, timers, and reminders. If you do not have enough time to write a list as you’re dashing out of the house, then ask for Alexa’s help!

Alexa can set timers and reminders, which is a helpful tool. Do you need to remember something tomorrow evening or even in an hour? Then ask Alexa to remind you. You can set a task and a time for it to go off, so you will not forget anything again! There is also a timer function that is perfect for when you are cooking or for other everyday tasks. Need a 20-minute timer for your cake baking? Ask Alexa!

Then we have the Alexa shopping list. Ask Alexa to add an ingredient or item to your shopping list when something runs out. Over time, your shopping list will be created, ready for when you hit the shops. Alexa also pairs up to your smartphone through the Alexa app, here you will find all your lists that you mentioned to Alexa. Therefore, you will never leave the shop, forgetting that random ingredient ever again! 

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