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Sage Green Walls

Sage Green: Everything You Need to Know

In the chaotic world that we live in and everything that has unravelled in 2020, it is no wonder that everyone is raving mad about the beautiful sage green aesthetic. But if you are wondering, what is sage green color? The color green itself has many properties that attribute it to be a natural, contented and harmonious shade. Associated with new life and nature, the color is gender neutral and popular with all age ranges. Furthermore, this makes it a diverse interior design choice.

Easter Eggs

Spring In Your Home: Top 10 Picks

Spring is officially here, as of Saturday 20th March. Therefore, it is the start of warmer weather, longer days and new growth. With the prospect of lockdown restrictions being eased on the horizon, the world and life as we know it is currently looking up! Soon we will be able to visit friends and family, go for a drink down the local pub and worry less! However, even though it is Spring, these restrictions are still upon us for a few more months and we must abide by the rules for a while longer. But let’s look forward, make the most of what we have and embrace every occasion.

Canterbury River

Canterbury Tales: What to do in Canterbury?

A must do activity in Canterbury is to see the sights on the river by taking a punting tour. As a result, this is our favourite activity to do in Canterbury. The tours can be taken with Canterbury Punting, a great company who are fairly priced and provide fantastic experiences. Furthermore, you can purchase snacks and beverages at the shop where you can take these on board to have at your leisure for the duration of the trip.