I just got back from a week trip to Italy and it was one of the most amazing places that I have been. We stayed in the centre of Venice, yet also did day trips to Verona and Bologna. This is super easy so you should definitely try to do this. Train travel in Italy is really easy and affordable, therefore, a fantastic way to get around the country. The weather was beautiful, it was warm, sunny and everything you want for sitting outdoors to dine al fresco. 

My highlight was of course the food. I had pizza every lunch and pasta every evening. My favourite food is Italian cuisine anyway, so I was in heaven. Add in a mixture of tiramisu, cannolis and gelato every day, I was very happy. This blog series is a breakdown of our seven day trip, with helpful travel tips and recommendations. Read on for Day 1 of Venice, Italy!

Day 1: Venice, Italy

Day 1 in Venice was technically a travel day, so we did not arrive in Italy until around 5:30 pm. After getting ourselves from the airport to our accommodation we quickly headed back out into the streets of Venice. We had a lovely wander around the thin alleyways, huge squares and along the iconic Venice canals before we found a little spot for a few drinks and a bite to eat. 

I love to try new foods, especially traditional food when visiting a country. Therefore, we searched for a local delicacy in Venice called Cicchetti. It is normally served in smaller, more casual bars rather than in restaurants. Not every place in Venice serves this traditional dish so we had to do a little digging. Now you also know the perfect place! 

San Giovanni Vini e Cicchetti

San Giovanni Vini e Cicchetti is located in a small square on Campiello Flaminio Corner. The inside of the bar is small, so it is best to sit outside. They have a great outdoor space with lots of seating in the square. It is a great place to sit and relax, people watch with some snacks and drinks. The place was really popular and the staff seemed friendly. 

We got a six plate of Cicchetti and drank wine and Limoncello Spritz. It was a wonderful start to our holiday and a great place to relax after a long travel day. Limoncello Spritz may be my new favourite drink and I plan to make jugs of this at home all summer. As for the Cicchetti, I would give it an average rating. They are essentially little sandwiches that were fun to try. I definitely preferred the meat toppings rather than the fish. I am not a huge fan of fish anyway and cold fish is a big no from me. Would rate them 4/10 overall. 

What is Cicchetti?

“Cicchetti” is a term used to describe small snacks or side dishes served in traditional Italian bars and taverns, especially in Venice. Similar to Spanish tapas or Greek meze, Cicchetti is often enjoyed alongside drinks, such as wine or cocktails. These snacks can include a variety of items such as olives, small sandwiches, seafood, cheeses, and other appetizers. A traditional format for Cicchetti is a sliced baguette topped with a variety of meats, fish and garnishes.


How to get to Venice from the airport?

Obviously, there are no cars in the main centre of Venice. So travelling from the airport to our apartment was something I wanted to research before we arrived. Thankfully, it paid off and therefore I can recommend getting the water bus from the airport. 

At the airport, follow the water transport signs until you get down to the docks. From here aim to find the Alilaguna. There are different lines, but we got the blue line which goes to San Marco. Which line you get depends on where you are staying and where you need to travel to. You can check the water bus travel lines here before you travel. 

The waterbus did take quite a while to travel to our San Marco stop (approx an hour). However, it only cost us 15 euros each. Alternatively, you can get a water taxi but these are so expensive. At least 140 euros! However, if you wanted a faster, direct route this may be something you consider doing. There is also an option to get a bus or car over to Piazzale Roma, but you would still need to either walk or water taxi/water bus to where you were staying in Venice.