Colors can make your kitchen brighter and also reflect your style. You can try doses of color with your cabinetry or add small touches with accessories. 

The ideas below will help you add color to your kitchen and improve its look while showing your style. Let’s begin.  

Choose a powerful cabinet color

You can choose powerful colors like green, gray, blue, or other colors you might love for your kitchen cabinets. Though, using such atypical colors might be a daring move. Nevertheless, you are assured of getting attention-grabbing results. 

Using powerful colors can improve the look of your kitchen. So, call a cabinet painter to get that professional cabinet refinishing that would give your kitchen a fantastic look.

Add artwork to match your kitchen colors

You can choose a cool print, an old map, or any painting you love to add color to your kitchen. If there is no backsplash in your kitchen, you can add a framed painting or even hang a plate behind your stovetop. You can also change your art whenever you decide to redesign or change them with the seasons.

Choose geometric floor tile

Geometric tiles floors might not have bright colors, but what they lack in brightness, they gain in visual variety. You can match them with your kitchen’s overhead pendant lights. You can also use other opportunities to pull in color, such as painting the open shelving in the pantry space.

Add a bright rug to enhance your kitchen color

Adding a bright patterned rug to your kitchen can inspire your kitchen’s look. You can choose small rectangular rugs for kitchen sink styles or runner rugs for galley space kitchen. Also, you can use the rug’s colors to get inspiration for your cabinet and kitchen color.

Add natural pieces

Your kitchen will look good with a subway tile. But you can also take it up a notch by adding a bowl of yellow lemons or bright green apples. Other options to consider would include placing leafy house plants on your countertops. 

You can even make it a habit of using fresh flowers gotten from the grocery. If you feel burdened with keeping the plants alive, you can go with artificial ones. Investing in a realistic-looking artificial house plant would be worthwhile.

Choose bright backsplash

White cabinets are quite popular now. They are eternally gorgeous and classic. So is the white kitchen. But you can choose bold backsplash colors that aren’t gray, beige, or white. For instance, you can select a seafoam subway tile backsplash. 

They are always eye-catching and clean-looking. When you aren’t sure of your choice, you can bring back some tile samples, prop them up, and look at them at various times of the day as the light varies. Finally, you will make a choice.

A wrap up of kitchen color

All-white kitchens are classics. But, designs have been changing as designers, and homeowners look for more beautifying and kitchen improvement colors. 

Suppose you aren’t yet ready to relinquish your monochrome space, there are several ways you can add colors to your kitchen to improve its look. And the tips mentioned above should help do just that.