Can I Make My Dishwasher Last Longer?

Your dishwasher is a valuable appliance in your home that helps save time and effort in the kitchen. Taking care of it is essential if you want it to last long. Keep reading to learn eight tips to help extend its life. 

Routine Inspections

Prevention is essential when it comes to dishwashers. One of the most critical steps in ensuring yours lasts longer is regularly having it inspected by an expert. 

An experienced specialist can check the spray arm, filter, rubber components, gasket, and other critical pieces to ensure they are not stuck, clogged, or worn out. Inspections can determine potential issues before they cause significant internal damage. 

Hire an Experienced Repairman

If you want your dishwasher to last longer, have any repairs or maintenance performed by an experienced mechanic. They have the training and expertise to identify issues with your dishwasher that you may not be aware of, such as loose or damaged valves, tub or door issues, or leaks. 

If you don’t handle these issues on time, they can lead to water damage and other costly problems. Regular maintenance and repairs by an experienced handyman will keep your dishwasher operating smoothly and save you money on future repairs and replacements. 

Avoid Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem that can impact your dishwasher’s performance and useful life. Mineral-rich layers can build up on the interior dishwasher walls and pipes, which can cause the machine to work harder to clean your dishes. This extra wear and tear can reduce the lifespan of your dishwasher and lead to costly repairs.

There are several easy solutions to this problem, such as water softeners, filters, or conditioners. These products work to remove mineral buildup and improve the overall efficiency of your dishwasher. By using these products, you can help prevent damage to the components of your dishwasher and extend its life cycle. 

Remove Food Scraps and Debris

To keep your dishwasher running smoothly, it is essential to remove food scraps and debris before loading your dishes. However, don’t clean them too much, or you might risk confusing the built-in sensor, resulting in a poor wash. These scraps can cause clogs in the drain hose or dishwasher pump, which can lead to significant problems down the road. 

In addition, regular cleaning of the dishwasher’s interior can help prevent odours, grease, or detergent residue from building up on the mechanical parts and going down the drain. Taking the time to clean your dishwasher and remove any food particles or debris will help ensure it stays in good working order for years. 

Prevent Rust

To keep your dishwasher running smoothly and prevent rust, you should proactively take care of your dishwasher racks. 

If you notice any wear and tear on the racks’ plastic coating, address it promptly. Rust buildup can severely decrease the efficiency of your dishwasher and can eventually lead to the need for expensive repair work. 

By laying a touch-up paint colour on the worn-off plastic coating, you can prevent the risk of corrosion and keep your dishwasher running efficiently. 

Use Top-Rated Dishwasher Products

Using the right dishwasher cleaners is crucial to making your dishwasher last longer. Top-rated dishwasher detergents and cleaning agents are designed to clean your appliance effectively without damaging interior surfaces. Cheap dishwasher detergents, soaps, or degreasing products can scratch the interior and cause leaks or damage.

Furthermore, some cleansing powders have hard particles, which could also leave scratches on the interior surface of your dishwasher. Avoid using vinegar as a cleaning option since it’s very acidic and could damage rubber, gaskets, hoses, and other acid-sensitive components. By using only high-quality dishwasher products, you can help ensure the longevity of your dishwasher. 

Select the Right Dishwashing Cycle

When choosing a washing cycle, keep your appliance’s load and the state of its components in mind. Using a lighter and faster program sounds appealing but can lead to less-than-satisfactory washing results. Realistically, a longer cycle means the dishwasher will wash the dishes thoroughly. 

The proper program will help retain excellent water performance and benefit the components’ life expectancy. 

Avoid the Delay Cycle

While the delay cycle may offer convenience, it can be detrimental to your dishwasher’s performance. In mechanical terms, the delay start option means that your dishwasher works harder to warm the water to the required temperature for dishwashing. 

This extra work can reduce the lifespan of your dishwasher and eventually lead to the need for costly repairs. Instead, avoiding the delay cycle and starting your dishwasher immediately is better. 

If you live in an area with common power surges or spikes, you should also consider installing surge protectors. This will help prevent dishwasher breakdowns during power surges or spikes caused by thunderstorms or lightning strikes. By avoiding the delay cycle and installing surge protectors, you can help ensure your dishwasher lasts longer and functions properly for years.

Clean the Exterior of Your Dishwasher

While keeping the interior of your dishwasher clean is critical, it is also essential to sanitise the exterior frequently. Just like cleaning an oven – it’s not that difficult! The surface of your dishwasher can accumulate oil, grime, and food detritus over time. This accumulation can be ugly and cause the machine to malfunction. 

Start by wiping down the surface of your dishwasher with a damp towel to eliminate any stray detritus. Then, make a tepid water and dish detergent solution and scrub away any obstinate filth or dust with a soft-bristled brush or sponge. Thoroughly rinse and dry the surface with a clean towel. 

If you plan to move soon, one of the things to remember is that a dirty or improperly cleaned dishwasher might cost you your safety deposit. 

How To Ensure My Dishwasher Will Work For Years

You can prolong the life of your dishwasher and prevent costly repairs by following these eight simple suggestions. Remember to have it examined frequently, to use the proper products, and to use the appropriate washing procedure. A little tender loving care can help your dishwasher operate efficiently for years.