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The Essentials Guide for Moving House

The Essentials Guide for Moving House

The Guide for Moving House

Today is the day! You have spent ages picking the best place to live and now you’re finally moving into your new homeHowever, in all the excitement and chaos it can be very easy to forget important essentials or find yourself rummaging through boxes and boxes of your stuff. As a result, here is a quick and easy guide for moving house to remember the essentials and to make your move as simple and easy as possible! Pack all of these smaller items within the same box and label them as ‘Open First!’.

Use A Removal Service

Moving home can be such a stressful time, the whole upheaval of your life can really cause a lot of tension. Moving from one house to another has a lot of elements to think about. You will have to pack up all of your belongings as well as all of your furniture. This is very tiring and a long job to get done. However, using a removal service can greatly help in this situation. Man and a van London get the job done professionally and affordably. 

If you are worried about losing any valuable or sentimental pieces during your house move, it may be worth adding a tracker that has GPS. Are you are wondering how GPS works? Satellites orbit the Earth and they then send signals back and forth from where they are located. This means you can rest assured your belongings will be tracked and safe. 

Remove Any Leftover Mess

Once you have packed up all of your stuff for the big move, you may find there is a lot of leftover mess. Broken furniture, piles of junk or other items you no longer need. The most efficient way to remove any leftover mess is with a simple 4 Yard Skip. This size is perfect for mini projects or disposing of unwanted items. If you think you may benefit from something a bit larger and are not sure which size is best, using a Skip Size Calculator is a great tool to calculate this.

The Cleaning Product Essentials

Now you have packed up and you’re in your new building, the first thing to do is clean it from top to bottom. Make sure you have a box of all your favourite cleaning products This way you can get straight to your first job and get the place spruced up and ready for you and your furniture to move in. Whilst in the cleaning process, you may encounter some nasties such as bugs and pests. Having an AZ pest control company can be great to get rid of anything unwanted fast!

Some top cleaning products to remember:

  • Disinfectant 
  • Clothes and sponges
  • Floor cleaner
  • Mop and Bucket
  • Duster
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Sprays
  • Hoover
  • Bin bags

The Kitchen Essentials

You may not have the time or equipment to be cooking and creating lavish meals, so make sure you pack a few essential pieces to have on hand for any drinks and snacks. An essential appliance is a kettle. This can then be used for hot drinks such as tea and coffee and also cooking simple yet hot snacks such as a pot noodle. Adding to this, ensure to pack your plates, cutlery and mugs so that you have something to drink out of and eat with!
Make sure you also remember you will need the following at some point:

  • Washing Machine
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Oven/Hob

The Bathroom Essentials

Whilst you’re pottering about cleaning your new home and constructing your furniture, make sure that you’ve packed your bathroom essentials. Nobody wants to be caught out without any toilet roll! Furthermore, packing a toiletries bag is also a great idea if you need to freshen up throughout the day. An extra tip is to pack a first aid kit or medicine bag. Moving home can include many hazards such as carrying heavy items, unpacking sharp objects and constructing furniture.

Prioritise Certain Furniture

Getting everything clean and ready is a daunting task in itself, the thought of getting all your furniture up straight away can be near impossible. Ensure that the first item of furniture that you construct is your big comfortable bed. This way you will have somewhere to sleep and sit comfortably for a break. If you have kids you must consider their bedroom furniture too. Investing in an organic mattress for kids has many benefits that should not be overlooked.  Moving in comfortably may take a number of days and a good nights sleep will definitely help those long days. An added tip to help you get a perfect nights sleep is to install some made to order blinds!

Ensure to also prioritise your sofa and other large furniture items after. Something to note is if you’re buying new pieces of furniture, there can be very long lead times. Try and match all of these delivery times just after your move-in date. Once all of the large items are sorted you can think about decorating and making it more homely! Think beautiful rugs, stunning vases and ornaments.

Of course, to put up your furniture items you will require a tool kit. Make sure this is filled with all your essentials tools such as:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Allen Keys
  • Measuring Tape
  • Batteries
  • Spirit Level
  • Screws

Get Organised

Make sure that on the first day you receive the keys to your new home, you check the meter readings and submit them. This way you are making sure you only pay for the utilities you use from day one and not from the previous owner. Keep track of all your new accounts by creating a detailed list that includes account numbers and direct debit details.

For safety reasons ensure you check :

  • All the windows and doors lock securely
  • The fire alarm and carbon dioxide alarms are fully functioning 
  • There are no faults with the boilers, heating and pipes. 
  • No other hazards or electrical damages

In this digital age, everyone requires wi-fi, whether you need it for Netflix, your new home office or for your smartphone.
You will more than likely be wondering, what are the best internet options at my address? Make sure you research this and be aware that it can take a few weeks for the internet lines to be set up to your property.

Please check out How To Organise Your Home, for extra tips on being organised. The article includes tips on storage solutions, decluttering and Alexa!


Make sure that throughout the process you take time to enjoy the moment and the accomplishment of your new home! When you are all set up, sit back and relax! For more Home and Lifestyle inspiration, make sure you’re following At Home With Alice.


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