A summer makeover for your garden can really change the way you look at things. Light fabrics, a pop of bright colours and other decoration elements are the best choice. Wondering how to make the most of your garden this summer? Especially when we have Mediterranean temperatures and hours of sunshine? Read on for five stunning Outdoor Decor ideas that will make your summer relaxation even more inviting.

Outdoor Décor Ideas: Solar lights

The nights are already beginning to draw in. We still have hours of sunshine but with temperatures remaining high until eleven o’clock or even midnight, make the most of it by installing solar lights. These will automatically switch on as the sunlight dims into dusk. Another thing about solar lights is, they are cost effective and even good for the environment. 

Solar lights are an excellent way to illuminate your garden, which can be very useful for entertaining. They’re also great for lighting pathways and borders, so you won’t trip over whilst walking around after dark. If you have children or pets with outdoor access, solar lights are a safe alternative.

Choose Your Spot To Sit

Pick your cosy outdoor seating spot with care. You want to be away from busy roads and nosy onlookers. You want to be close enough to the house for convenience but far enough away so that you can escape from all things digital. Unplugging from the daily routine will not just uplift your mood but also bring you into a state of peace and tranquillity. 

Take a stroll around your garden and choose a spot that has enough space for you to enjoy your outdoor seating experience. If you have a small backyard, try to find an area that has some shade. If you have a large garden or yard, make sure to pick a spot where the sun doesn’t hit for most of the day. A great addition to your outdoor seating is a hammock, they truly make your garden feel special in the summer.

Firepits and Chimineas

Despite the gloriously hot temperatures, it can become colder after dark. If you want to stay out longer and keep the party going, lighting your firepit is a great way to extend the festivities. Firepits add a very nice touch and they will keep you warm by radiating for hours. This spot can be used to sit around all-year-long. There are many different types of variations available in shapes and sizes and you can get something to fit your individual needs. A good recommendation to get new firepits in the UK is from Forest Fuel. Perfect to update your outdoor area.

Choose some stand out furniture

Invest in good quality garden furniture that will last well in all weathers and be comfortable for you to use for hours at a stretch. You can opt for furniture pieces that reflect your own individual taste and refresh the entire place. It doesn’t matter if you are more inclined towards one style of furniture. You can go with minimalistic, contemporary or even a traditional style. As long as you choose something that suits your own needs and interior design sense. You will be able to create a wonderful outdoor space.

Planters and Baskets

Finally, brighten up your whole cosy seating area with seasonal baskets and planters that can be moved to enhance the space. Portable planters allow you to always have flourishing flowers for your garden party guests to admire. Plants do not just add hints of greenery but also give a very welcoming vibe. Being close to nature is always very therapeutic. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on your patio and enjoying a good book. If you want to create an outdoor space that is both functional and fun, then it’s time for you to start planning!