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8 Tips For Hosting A Great Garden Party

Need help planning a garden party?

Garden parties are the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon in an outdoor space. When you combine all of the best parts of spring and summer, you get a garden party. Beautiful weather, delicious food from the grill and plenty of friends hanging out in their backyard. Garden parties are a great way to enjoy the outside with friends and family and can be an extraordinary event. They are some of the most popular events held for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

1. Things to do at a garden party

  • Have a picnic – provide drinks and snacks throughout the day so that guests feel comfortable and catered for.
  • Play games – icebreakers, entertainment, party starters, games are great for a number of reasons. Be sure to include lots of games for everyone to enjoy. 
  • Have a barbeque – food glorious food! The heart of the garden party, a huge feast that everyone can enjoy. Make sure to include any vegan or vegetarian choices to include all diets. Lots of meat such as sausages and burgers, as well as sides create a fantastic talking point to start the party off.
  • Have a disco and dance the night away – everyone loves to get on the dance floor, especially after a few drinks. Make sure there is a good space for guests to dance. 
  • Karaoke competition – let your guests show off their singing skills while they eat, drink and be merry! Or perhaps you’re looking to host an event that is more interactive than simply listening to music in an enclosed space? If so, then our karaoke competition would be great! Either way there’s sure to be some hilarious entertainment on offer over the course of the evening!
  • Photo booth – what party would be complete without one?! Capture memories with fun props that everyone will love having their picture taken with as well as getting involved in creating some memorable images which can later be shared via social media sites such as Facebook & Instagram etc…

2. Need a garden venue?

If you’re in the mood for an outdoor garden party but your own yard is a bit too small for the occasion, there are many great venues where you can rent space that’s perfect for hosting one. If you’re looking for something with a historic feel, consider renting out one of the many beautiful and unique homes that have been converted into event venues. Some of these gorgeous homes have been around since the 1800s! They will come complete with all of the garden furniture needed so that all you need to do is show up and enjoy yourself at your event. Alternatively, another option would be renting out an entire field or section of forest if you want something more rural than city life. 

You can also rent out farmlands or large fields where animals usually graze. These areas tend to look quite scenic as well because they’re often surrounded by tall trees, bare rocks or even rolling hillsides which provide excellent views from afar! These types of venues may lend themselves best towards casual events where guests don’t need any specific seating arrangements (just blankets). Furthermore, they are still stylish enough so people remember the fabulous event.

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3. Get a tent for a garden party

If you’re planning a garden party, you may want to consider putting up a tent, gazebo or marquee. These can be purchased at an affordable price, especially if you wish to resume them every year. Alternatively, outdoor coverings such as marquees and tents can be easily hired for a day. Ensuring that you have cover from any unexpected rain, means your party is more likely to be a success.

4. Create a party theme: Alice in Wonderland.

Party themes are a great way to set the tone for your garden party. A garden party theme is like a stage play, where you get to decide how it will look and feel. You can create an Alice in Wonderland theme that feels whimsical and magical or you could choose a garden party theme based on a movie like “The Sound of Music” or “Grease” if you’re looking for something more traditional but still fun. Other fun themes for dressing up include “The Great Gatsby” or elaborate like on the Alice in Wonderland theme and create “A Day at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.” This theme will inform the rest of the event, from what foods are served to how guests are entertained. 

Once you have a theme, it’s time to decide on other elements for your party. You’ll need space for people to play games, eat food and drink drinks. You’ll also want an area where guests can sit down and relax between socializing and dancing. And don’t forget about photo opportunities! If you’re hosting this event outdoors, think about putting up some decorations around the area. It will add colour and charm that guests will remember long after they’ve left your party behind them!

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5. Decoration ideas for a garden party

Decorations for garden parties are a great way to add extra colour and style to your venue. Garden party decorations can be used as centrepieces, table decorations or simply as additional decoration around your garden party venue. There are lots of options available including hanging lanterns, bunting and fairy lights. If you’re planning a garden party then you may want to consider hiring some decoration items from a local florist. Items to consider include candles, flowers or plants that can be placed on tables or hung around the venue. You can easily buy a Custom Neon Sign UK for the party and then leave it up all year round. 

6. Flowers for a garden party

Flowers are the perfect addition to a garden party. They add a touch of colour, elegance and charm to the event. However, there are many ways in which you can use flowers at your party. Use flowers to decorate tables. Adding bright and beautiful summer flowers as a centrepiece on the tables will really bring out the feeling of summer and sunshine, even on a dull day. Use flowers as decorations for certain areas around the garden itself. Be creative and place them on fences, blankets, side tables etc. 

A great company for beautiful flowers is BloomLocal. They provide fresh flowers to your door with their nationwide delivery. With a large variety of flowers to choose from including Lilies, Chrysanthemums and Sunflowers, there is something to brighten everyone’s day. So whether you want some flowers to freshen up your living space or wish to gift a luxury bouquet to a loved one, BloomLocal are the number one florist.

7. Games for a party

A fun way to spice up a garden party is with garden games! For example, you can have a treasure hunt in the garden where you could put clues around the area and make your guests hunt them down. There are many large garden games such as Connect 4, Jenga or Twister that all lead to hours of fun for you and your guests.

8. Dresses to wear to a garden party

When it comes to dressing for a garden party, the possibilities are endless. Some women prefer to wear dresses with floral prints, while others opt for flouncy frocks in pastel hues. It’s important to take note of the dress code when planning your outfit: if you’re not sure what people are wearing at the garden party, ask someone beforehand and then coordinate your look accordingly. Don’t forget about accessories!


In conclusion, garden parties are a great way to get people together and have them enjoy themselves in a beautiful setting. There are many different types of garden parties that you can attend or host yourself, but they all share the same goal: bringing people together and letting them have fun while doing so! 

Whatever kind of garden party theme you choose (or even if you don’t have one), there are lots of ways to make sure your guests feel welcome and at ease with each other. Go easy on the alcohol at first, until everyone has had time to get comfortable and settle into conversation with each other. Encourage people who don’t know each other well yet not only through introductions but also by asking questions about what they do in their free time—this will help break down barriers between strangers quickly because everyone loves talking about themselves!

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