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How To Prepare For The Cold Weather

It Is Time To Prepare For The Cold Weather

Summer is finally over. Autumn has crept in and from September 22nd is officially here. The nights are drawing in and it is getting darker earlier and earlier. The temperature is dropping and the rainy days are looming over us. It is therefore time to prepare for the cold weather and get ourselves safe and cosy for winter!

How To Prepare The House For Cold Weather

The dropping temperature and cold weather means you will more than likely be turning on your heating! But in order for this to run smoothly, make sure you have checked your boiler. Many heating systems are often left off for months on end. Within this time, the pipes and boiler may have fallen into disrepair or certain problems may have occurred. Having an annual boiler service and maintenance can help to ward off any unexpected problems. So if you do not get one, make sure you book one in as soon as possible! Additionally, make sure you have your thicker winter duvet on, lots of blankets to hand and make your home a warm sanctuary.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Once the cold weather starts kicking in, your skin can really suffer. The dropping temperatures and low humidity is a recipe for dry and chapped skin. Make sure you invest in some high quality skincare to stay on top of your skin health. The Dr Dennis Gross C + Collagen Deep Cream is perfect for boosting skin hydration. It also helps with skin repair and regeneration as well as brightening and tightening the complexion. The cream has a luxurious texture, a light scent and leaves skin feeling silky smooth and dewy. The cream is extremely hydrating and really brings skin back to life.

Autumn Winter Weather
Cold Weather Care

How To Prepare The Car For Cold Weather

Colder weather can mean icy conditions outside. Make sure you and your car are prepared for the unforgiving winter weather. Stock up on de-icer and have a scraper ready for those cold mornings where your windows are iced over. Having these on hand will ensure no late mornings into work or driving dangerously and not being able to see out of the windscreen. Ensure you have antifreeze topped up in your engine coolant, without it the water inside can end up freezing and this is not good for your car! When it gets cold many public areas will have waterproof bins on hand that contain salt for the roads, this helps to keep the pavements and car parks from freezing.

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Preparation

Get those winter coats and boots back out! Pack away those shorts and bikinis, as it is time to start dressing warmer. Having staples in your wardrobe for the colder weather is very important. Invest in a capsule wardrobe to ensure you always have perfect pieces to wear with many outfits. Neutral colours will help to create multiple outfits with less pieces. Hats, scarves and gloves should also make an appearance to ward off the cold and keep you toasty when out and about.

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