A Skincare Routine Can Be Easy...

I know that a skin routine can be difficult to maintain, however, it is so important if you want healthy and glowing skin all year round. It doesn’t have to be hugely complex or long but a few simple steps everyday to create even a basic skincare routine can really make a difference. By adding some great natural skincare products into your routine you will certainly start to notice a difference. If you follow the below skincare steps you will be off to a fantastic start.

Always Use A Face Wash In Your Skincare Routine

Make sure you wash your face everyday, if not twice a day. I wash my face every morning plus every evening, if I have worn makeup that day. Cleansing your face removes any makeup, dirt or other nasties on your face and this is the most important step to developing healthy skin. If you suffer from dry skin, make sure you use a hydrating and soothing wash. A simple face wash is imperative as you do not want any harsh chemicals on your face as it is being used so often.

Face Exfoliating Polish

After your face is clean and fresh, you may want to use an exfoliating polish. This helps to buff off any dead skin and leave your face with a new and radiant finish. I would advise to use this as and when it is needed, or every few days. Do not rub too hard as this can cause skin damage and does not help with dryness.

Add A Toner

Once you have dried your face, apply some toner to a reusable cotton pad and swipe it all over your skin and neck. This will help to restore the skin’s PH balance and bring harmony. A toner can also help with hydrating the skin after it has been washed to continue to retain moisture. Other benefits of using a toner is minimising the look of your pores, brightening your complexion and evening out skin tone.

Use A Daily Face Cream

The last step in this skincare routine order is to use your moisturiser! I get extremely dry skin, so using a good moisturiser is essential within my routine. I love this Radiance Day Cream, it makes my skin so unbelievably soft and not shiny! You do not want to use too much that it makes your skin oily or break out in blemishes. So enough to soften the skin, a pea sized amount. If you feel you need more you can add it after. Wait for this to soak in before adding any other products or make up.

If you follow these skin care routine steps you will be on your way to silky smooth and blemish free skin. These steps can be used in the morning before your day starts or as a night skin care routine. Urban Veda do the best skin care products, they are all so gentle on your skin and their range offers different products for different skin types. They offer ranges for tired and mature skin, oily and acne prone, sensitive plus dry and dehydrated. You will be able to formulate the best skin care routine for you and your skin type! 

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