First Impressions of CARAT* London

My first impressions of CARAT* London were great. The brand exudes a sense of luxury that everyone wants a piece of. They offer a vast selection of jewellery, from earrings to necklaces to bracelets. All the jewellery items look timeless, delicate and high quality, which is what you want from high end jewellery. They also come with a variety of price points to suit every budget. The brand also strives to be eco-friendly and uses lab-grown diamonds within its gentle diamonds range. Their mission is to produce jewellery that doesn’t cost us the earth and helps towards a sustainable future for jewellery

Unboxing of CARAT* London

The jewellery was delivered promptly and came well packaged. The jewellery box itself is stunning and definitely makes for a wonderful unboxing experience. Its material almost resembles a leathery snake skin in white. It sets you up to enjoy your purchase before you have even opened it. There was also a black ribbon tied around the box. This made it seem like a little gift, which means it would be perfect to give someone as a gift. Whether that is for a Valentine’s Day gift, Christmas gift or anniversary.

Once opened, the inside of the jewellery box has a soft grey suede material that is a perfect backdrop for the luxury jewellery inside. The Lexi Tennis Bracelet inside looked so delicate and shimmered in the light. I was super excited to get the bracelet out and try it on. The bracelet itself is gorgeous and the bright white gold plating of the item was bright and clean. 

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is made up of a row of several gemstones or diamonds in a symmetrical line. These will be encased by precious metals such as silver or gold. If you are wondering why is it called a tennis bracelet? The term stems from a famous tennis match back in 1978 when tennis player Chris Evert wore her diamond bracelet which unfortunately broke during the match. The name ‘tennis bracelet’ became a name that stuck thereafter.

CARAT* London box

Review of the Lexi Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet is very dainty and slight, which I love. I have very thin and small wrists so anything too chunky on my wrists is irritating or hurts. The Cubic Zirconia gems have a lovely glint in the light and the silver is really bright. It is a lovely little bracelet to wear and looks very beautiful. It would match any outfit choice, occasion or style. Overall it is a really beautiful bracelet. I love the look of the gems along my wrists. It makes my wrists feel dainty, delicate and stylish! 

Disadvantages of the tennis bracelet

The only disadvantage that I found was putting the bracelet on. I did find putting the bracelet on quite tricky. The slider on the bracelet was really stiff. I was worried about pulling it hard in case I broke the whole bracelet. (I guess that is the worry with fine delicate jewellery, you do not want to be rough with it). However, with a bit of force, the slider did move perfectly fine and smoothly. This bracelet is also difficult to put on by yourself. I think someone with limited mobility would struggle. It took me a while to tighten the bracelet all the way up. The stiffness of the clasp did not help. On the other hand, the slider does stay in place and does not slide around on its own accord once being worn. 

Personal Preferences

Now, this is a personal preference for the bracelet style, but I do not like the two dangling tassels. Visually they look amazing, however, I find them to be annoying when being worn day to day. They constantly clatter and bash on things. Which I then worry is damaging the bracelet. I love the tennis bracelet as a whole but prefer the CARAT* London Francine Tennis Bracelet that does not have the hanging parts. 

This blog post is sponsored and the item was gifted. All of the opinions are my own.