What Should I Do With My Skirting Boards?

It can be confusing to know what colour to paint your new skirting boards. Do you leave them to show off their natural wood and perhaps just give them a clear coat of varnish? Or, do you paint them to match the colour of your doors?

The trend these days seems to be to either leave them in their natural state (unless you get the MDF skirting boards), or to paint them a plain colour such as white, or cream. 

So, once you’ve picked out the style and type of skirting boards you want to go for, all you need to do is decide what colour to paint them, or whether to leave them looking natural. 

Where To Start

What do you want from the space your new skirting boards will be going in? 

Do you have a theme or colour scheme in mind? Perhaps going for the minimalistic look with clean lines and natural colours. Or, maybe you want your skirting boards to stand out?

Modern Design

Do you plan to go down the modern route with your interior design choices? Then perhaps a shade of white is the right way to go for you. As briefly mentioned earlier, the trend at the moment seems to be going for a more modern look, keeping it simple with plain colours. 

Another way to go might be to colour match your skirting boards with your coving and/or architrave, with a different colour on the walls. The pop of colour framing the room perfectly.

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Skirting Boards

High Traffic Areas

Think about the colours you plan to use on your skirting boards, especially in the high traffic, or high usage areas of your home. 

For example, painting them black in a utility or laundry room might not be the best idea, especially if you get a lot of dust from clothes…etc. The dust will be clearly visible against the black background which will mean you spend more time dusting to keep them looking nice. 

Or, having white in a boot room, for example, could also be an impractical idea. The mud and dust from the boots will again, mean you spend more time trying to keep them looking clean.

What Colour Should Skirting Boards Be?

Traditionally, skirting boards have either generally been painted white to match doors, coving…etc, or left showing their natural wood effect.

However, in more recent years skirting has been used as more of a feature, than a necessity to be hidden away. 

So, there is no right or wrong colour to paint your skirting boards. Paint them any colour you like, or leave them in their natural state if you’d rather. You do you!

Should Skirting Match The Doors?

Again, this is completely down to you and your personal preference. Having them match does tend to make them look cleaner and more simple. 

Yet this doesn’t have to be the case, you could have everything a different colour if that’s what you love and suits your design theme and personality.