Prioritise Cleaning Your Space With Hygeia?

Your home is your nest, refuge, and safe place.

It’s hard to relax when your home is in disorder. As Florence Nightingale once saidThe connection between health and dwelling is one of the most important that exists.’ 

A clean and orderly home acts as a life anchor that creates more space for what really matters in your life. Firstly, cleaning might seem boring on the surface and a daily chore you would rather not take part in. However, it is important to remember that there is a great deal of wisdom to be found in boredom. Furthermore, beauty in the mundane and diamonds amongst the dirt. 

hygëia is a sustainable homecare brand born to transform everyday routines into mindful moments. The brand is now live exclusively via Kickstarter taking pre-orders for its home cleaning ritual set. Furthermore, the product launch of hygeia will expand upon the already growing phenonium of refillable cleaning products but with a unique twist! It will be centred around creating a special experience, designed to purify and cleanse your home and your soul.

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How Often Do We Spend On Screens?

‘On average, we check our phones 58 times per day and across all connected devices, the average person spends nearly 7 hours looking at a screen. In our busy, over-stimulated world of constant distractions, carving out more time to slow down can often feel overly indulgent and unproductive. That is why building rituals into our already present daily routines is so important.’

Sean Malkin, Brand founder

What Is Included In The hygeia Set?

Firstly, the cleaning set will consist of three beautifully designed refillable glass bottles combined with three powder form cleaning concentrates. Secondly, each will have a unique scent; a multi surface, bathroom and glass cleaner. In addition to their core products, hygeia will also include additional guidance and a gift to help ritualise and bring joy to the act of cleaning.  

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Why Should I Use Refillable Cleaning Products?

Transforming everyday routines sits at the centre of the brand mission. However, sustainability also plays a key role in the business model of hygeia, which aims to tackle significant real world issues – 

  • Single-use plastic – An estimated 4 million tonnes of single-use plastic is dumped into our oceans each year
  • Carbon footprints – 230 billion tonnes of water is being unnecessarily shipped each year 
  • Deforestation – An estimated 15 billion trees are cut down each year causing significant challenges to our ecosystem 

Reusable is quickly becoming the new recycle and using a refillable cleaning solution aims to contribute to this positive movement. Given the brands love for the natural world, they also commit to planting a tree for every purchase made.

‘Sustainability is built into the business model by default which by now is a basic must and is to be expected from every brand. We believe all individuals have the power to make a significant change in the world by focusing on their daily actions’.

Sean malkin, brand founder

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