Why Should I Buy Non-Toxic Toys?

It’s no secret that chemicals are present in many products, including baby toys. Does that mean you should deprive them of toys? No. That would be too cruel for a baby. Luckily, there is such a thing called non-toxic baby products, and toys are included there.

The Dangers of Toys with Toxins

The early development stages of a child are a crucial part of their lives. They need a lot of care and supervision from their parents. Apart from being unable to take care of themselves, they are also very vulnerable. Their immune system is not as strong as older kids or adults.Their immune system is still continuously developing. As such, they need to be led in a healthy direction to grow up strong and healthy. Not only are they more susceptible to coming into contact with toxins, but toxins can also affect their long-term health.

Toxins are found in many household products, making family members constantly vulnerable. That includes products designed for babies. These toxins are present, from bath products to the clothes they wear and even the toys they play with. As for toxic toys, these products may include chemicals and other heavy metals involved in their creation process. The most common ingredient found in many toys, for both babies and children, is plastic.

Plastic is a common material used in a lot of toys. Go to your local toy store, and you will see a plethora of toys made out of plastic. Unfortunately, plastics are laced with harmful chemicals. It may not be easy to see this at face value. But on the inside, they are present and remain undetected. As much as possible, avoid plastic toys for your baby. There are already many products made of plastic that might be essential for your home. So going for alternatives for products to lessen the presence of plastic is already a big help. If you can mitigate the number of plastics in your house, then you are already helping both your child and the rest of your family.

non-toxic toys for babies
non-toxic toys

What Counts as a Non-Toxic Toy?

So what counts as a non-toxic toy? Typically, these are toys made out of organic and natural materials. These include toys made of wood and rubber. But wait. Don’t wooden toys come with varnish and are put together with glue? Also, they’re painted on, and paint can contain chemicals. So are they still safe? While this is true, there are also toys made of wood that do not have these qualities. When looking for wooden toys, check what kind of wood they use and if the paint and finishes are of natural ingredients.

Rubber is a material that is safer for babies, especially compared to plastic. They are organic in origin, so they don’t come with chemicals. Rubber is often used in baby products such as pacifiers, and they are also made into toys. Babies occasionally put things in their mouths or even chew them. We wouldn’t want them chewing on things that have toxins. Because natural rubber has no chemicals present, they don’t pose a threat to your baby. They’re also soft and won’t break their newly developing teeth.

Note: Check the size of the toy. Avoid small toys so as to not risk swallowing them.

Are Stuffed Animals Toxic Baby Toys?

Another great material that isn’t toxic is cloth. Well, it depends on how it’s made. Typical toys made of cloth are synthetic, which you want to avoid. They also have artificial dyes to give them colors and are coated in chemicals that make them stain-resistant and inflammable.

Choose cloth toys made of natural and organic fabric, including wool and naturally made latex. Ensure the dyes used in coloring the toy are organic to avoid contact with chemicals. What about stuffed animals? Those are pretty popular toys for babies. So long as they are hand-sewn and do not use chemical glue for sealing. For the stuffing on the inside, organic materials like wool are a great choice.

Benefits of Non-Toxic Toys

Besides being healthier for babies, are there other benefits to switching to non-toxic toys? 


Not only are you ensuring your child’s and family’s safety, but you are also helping the environment. Since none of these toys have dangerous chemicals, they do not contribute to the chemical waste being thrown away, potentially harming the environment. They are also biodegradable and can be recycled to be used for other toys and different items. You are also promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle by slowly replacing items (such as toys) with non-toxic ones little by little.


Another thing that they are known for is quality. Toys made of plastic are cheaply made, which makes them more likely to break. Since these toys were made to be safe for children, you can rest easy knowing that they were made with care. Because of this, the toys are presented in top quality and built to last. Speaking of built to last. 


To add to the previous point, they are also more durable. Wood and rubber are better materials than plastic. This makes them less likely to break and be dismantled. They are built to last for a long time, all the while not leaving any negative effects during their long stay.


These are great and all, but you might worry about the price tag. Since there’s much more care and effort in making these toys, does that translate to them being more expensive? An understandable worry. After all, there are more things you need to purchase for your child and even your house.  Rest assured that not all non-toxic children’s toys are expensive. There are toy companies that offer these kinds of baby toys at cheaper prices, so there are bound to be ones that will fit your budget.

Should I Invest In Non-Toxic Toys For My Baby?

Babies play with toys because they give them joy and fun. This is why they should be a part of a baby’s early childhood. All the more reason to get toys that will not threaten their overall health. Children deserve to be given toys of great quality that will keep them happy and healthy at the same time.